A Brand New Street Coming to Great Northern Bursting With Independent Street Food, Bars & Cafes

Mark Jorgensen meets up with Chris Legh, event curator and one third of the B.Eat Street management team, to find out what's in store for 2016 revealing plans for a brand new street called The Mews.

B.Eat Street’s motto is eats, beats and booze. Now, I’m a simple man, and this ticks just about every box of everything I’m interested in – except perhaps monkey video compilations on YouTube. Well, you can’t have everything.

From the different iterations of their flagship Food Fight to their latest Junkyard Golf Club venture, they always bring something innovative and fun to the table.

“Our aim has always been to go bigger and better with each project,” Chris told me.  “And thanks to the opportunity we have with Great Northern Warehouse, we can carry on doing that and follow up on the success of Junkyard Golf.”

A success it has been – and a barnstorming one at that. If you haven’t been then you’ve probably heard about this gloriously bizarre – and previously unexplored – combination of mini-golf, UV techno and booze, which saw 4,000 people attend in the first fortnight and a Facebook following which went from 0-6,000 in about 20 seconds in the process.

“We actually tried to buy an old armed forces helicopter for in here but we couldn’t work out a way to get it in the building,” he said nonchalantly – which pretty much sums up why so many people embrace the projects created by Chris and his business partners, Lyndon and Bart.

Junkyard Golf Club Great Northern Warehouse

The support of the Great Northern Warehouse and footfall potential was the catalyst behind B.Eat Street’s decision to take up permanent residency there for their next project which promises to up their own inimitable game once again.

They are taking up residency in the raised passage inside the Great Northern called The Mews, which they are transforming into their own B.Eat Street street. It’s somewhat unusual for a venue like the Great Northern to support independent local businesses like Grindsmiths, Almost Famous and B.Eat Street but Chris reckons it’s an area with loads of potential.

“We think it’s the ideal location to create a vibrant street populated by the best of local food and drink retailers. We are going to start out with eight new independents and have worked hard to ensure we offer a complete turnkey solution for them to easily set up and bring to life an under- occupied area which will become a fantastic destination.”

The choice of the former railway goods warehouse as a location is part and parcel of a massive revamping of the area and the Great Northern’s evolution into the kind of place it always had the potential to be – a destination leisure complex.

Wandering around The Mews on a wet and dreary Monday night, it was nevertheless easy to see the vision -a promenade-style walkway with pre-made units on either side. And frankly, I can’t wait.

Keep your peepers peeled for more info on their launch – we’ll let you know as soon as we have any!

And by the way, with so many new quarters popping up all over the city, isn’t it time we started to call them something else? But that’s another issue and another letter to the council for another day.


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