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I Love MCR is an independent multi-media and advertising company and charity foundation, based in the heart of Manchester.

An internationally iconic city brand and influential voice adopted by Manchester people, championing community, charity and a better future for the city.

Out of chaos came creativity. The brand was born during a city-wide social epidemic – launched in reaction to the mindless riots in 2011 – the I Love MCR symbol gained unprecedented organic reach on social media and was proudly emblazoned on the city streets as a statement for solidarity and resilience.

Inspiring community-led cleanups, the “I Love Manchester” campaign was a movement that positively resonated with residents and visitors alike. It wasn’t long before the brand became a charitable communications company with an antidote to antisocial news.

The now-iconic I Love MCR logo speaks an international language of love and has become a trusted symbol of civic pride, solidarity and unity adopted by the Manchester people.

Today, over a decade later, our globally recognised brand continues to fearlessly and optimistically champion a better future for Greater Manchester. Together with our partners, we boost business, raise funds for charity, help build economic prosperity, and enhance the city region’s public image.

What do we do?

We celebrate Manchester. I Love MCR positively documents and promotes life in Greater Manchester with a variety of editorial and video content to help residents and tourists alike explore and discover (and rediscover) the city’s supersonic stories.

We create media to inform, inspire and influence a huge community of people to come together – and stand together. 

Whilst bringing stories to life, we advertise businesses and raise awareness of great causes that benefit people and communities within Greater Manchester – using social and digital marketing, and outdoor media, aka out of home media.

The multi-skilled people behind I Love MCR populate an online directory full of businesses, charities, events, offers, jobs and property listings; update the mobile app and send out push notifications; create and publish editorial and video content; post updates on social media; compose email marketing, manage a massive audience of subscribers and send weekly newsletters; coordinate live events and fundraising projects; and facilitate out-of-home media across the city region.

Ultimately, I Love MCR is an advertising and media company, and charity foundation, equipped with a positive publication and platform to advertise Manchester as a desirable destination to visit, live, work and do business. Meanwhile, we support the leisure, tourism and hospitality industries with a meaningful one-stop promotional solution including social media engagement, email marketing, editorial and video reach, out-of-home media plus loads more.

We like to get behind people who try to make things happen. We help boost the local economy, raise money for great charities, all while painting a unique picture of the city region.

I Love MCR is a vehicle for mobilising Mancunians with meaningful content that connects communities. 

Want to advertise in Manchester? You’ve come to the right place.

Our heart’s in the right place. Manchester.

The good news...

I Love MCR is a source of joy. We like to share the good news and Manchester has plenty of it. Our positive publication receives an average of 14 million views per year by posting positive Manchester news, community stories and presenting a credible cultural city guide.

We share inspiring stories of local people, communities, businesses, charities and events. For the love of Manchester, we cover everything from community and charity to lifestyle and culture.

We like to think our positive posts help put Manchester on the world stage and boost the local economy.

Manchester advertising & marketing

Using a combination of digital and media, we advertise and market Manchester businesses by targeting different demographics and interests in a huge captive audience. From editorial and email marketing to video and digital billboards, we connect the right people.

Brand values

The brand is all about people with the same positive values coming together. But our values aren’t just our shared beliefs; they are the mindsets we embrace, the choices we make, and the actions we take.


A love for people. A place considered together with its inhabitants. A group of people having a similar characteristic in common, the condition of sharing social values and practising common ownership. 


The desire to promote the welfare of human beings collectively.


The understanding that each individual is unique, and recognising our individual differences. Dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.


The system of how money is made and used within a particular country or region. A region’s economy is connected with things like how many goods and services are produced and how much money people can spend on these things.


To treat everyone with fairness and respect, and recognising the needs of individuals. All humans enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities, and protections.


The practice or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised, such as those who have physical or mental disabilities and members of minority groups.

The biggest heart in Manchester

The I Love MCR Charity Foundation raises vital funds to help improve the lives and prospects of people across Greater Manchester. Assets and revenue from the I Love MCR advertising and marketing department are used to run I Love MCR Charity Foundation, which means that more money goes directly to great causes as opposed to the running of a usual charity. What’s more, 100% of profit from the I Love MCR Shop is donated to the charity foundation. The fund is shared equally across a diverse array of Manchester based charities as and when it’s needed the most. Learn more >>

Declare your love for Manchester and show the world what the city stands for with our I Love Manchester merchandise, Manchester gifts and souvenirs available from the online Manchester shop. Natural materials, renewable energy and products made the right way. What’s more, at least 20% of sales proceeds are donated to our charity foundation. Get the mug and the t-shirt.

Sustainability pledge

We are part of a positive change, doing things differently to help make Greater Manchester a plastic-free environment.

As an organisation based in Greater Manchester, I Love MCR will help to stamp out the use of avoidable single-use plastics. We have considered the environment when reviewing our practices, and made more sustainable choices about the products we offer, and the ways we deliver our services.

Our office is completely print-free and we create no waste at all, actually. Every product on our online shop is made with love in a sustainable supply chain using organic and recycleable materials, powered by renewable energy, and delivered in plastic-free packaging.

Together we can make a change. You too, as a business or an individual, can sign the pledge and help us to make plastic-free Greater Manchester one of the greenest city regions in Europe.

Why we love Manchester more than ever, come rain or shine, whatever the weather...

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Located in the north-west of England, Manchester is the economic hub of the north with a population of over half a million proud people in the city centre, and more than 2.7 million people live across the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester.

Manchester was the heart of the Industrial Revolution, a city that makes history and shapes the future.

A brief history of Manchester

It’s been said, ‘what Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow’. The world’s truly modern city paved the way with a wealth of world-first innovations.

The place where mankind first split the atom. The invention of the first modern computer; The first free public library in the country. The first totally artificial waterway. The first city with gas street lighting. The world’s first proper railway. The city of the suffragettes. The birthplace of graphene, the world’s thinnest material.

Manchester is a vibrant world-class city. Rich in social and cultural history, and a rich mix of old and new. Unlike other metropolises, Manchester is a resilient city that adapts to changing circumstances. An ever-morphing constellation of stories, personalities and moving parts that embraces everyone with open arms. This warm reception informs daily life and a unique sense of civic pride. It’s expressed through the endearing custom of greeting strangers in the street and how coffee shops feel like laid back community lounges.

Manchester’s civic pride

Manchester is a global city. As the city’s fortune swelled in the 19th century, so did its civic pride. Manchester’s elite saw the city as the new Venice and commissioned grand buildings and monuments, taking architectural inspiration from across the ages.

Manchester’s architectural crown and glory – and focus of its civic pride – is in its town hall. Built to rival the great buildings of London, this is an architectural gem that proclaimed, ‘this is Manchester, and we’ve arrived.’ Held in trust for Mancunians and the nation by the council, it’s the city’s favourite wedding venue and a stage set for TV & film. It even features on its own Royal Mail stamp.

Best place to live and visit

Whether you were born here or drawn here, Manchester is a multicultural city that welcomes people from all over the world with amenities for people of all backgrounds. It’s one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in the world, with more than 150 languages spoken.

But this city is more than just a destination. Manchester is home. 

Apart from Manchester music and football, the key to the city’s success on the world stage is its togetherness.

Manchester has been named one of the top 10 cities to visit by Lonely Planet, the UK’s most liveable city by The Economist and one of the best places in the world to go by The New York Times.

Manchester today

Manchester may no longer be England’s industrial powerhouse, but it’s a city that’s never stopped dreaming. Across the city, daring new projects, innovations and ideas continue to capture the world’s attention.

Today, the city’s greatest asset is still its people. Manchester’s unique sense of civic pride and resilience – and its ability to stand together in solidarity.

Just count the cranes, and you’ll know that Manchester is developing all the time and shows no sign of slowing down. This is why it’s been predicted that the city’s population will rise by 56,000 before 2034.

Manchester has been ranked as one of the greenest cities in the UK thanks to the city’s commitment to recycling and investments in public transport and cycling routes.

A city to be admired and replicated – not just in the UK but worldwide.

A city with a glorious past and, perhaps, an even greater future.

Today, Manchester is in the middle of a cultural renaissance. So the only question is: what will Manchester do tomorrow?

That’s up to you.

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Join the Manchester mobile movement.

The I Love MCR App is the beating heart of the city in the palm of your hand. Download an I Love Manchester lifestyle and discover all the best deals, experiences and events in Manchester.

Our heart’s in the right place. Manchester. Is yours?

Meet the team

Meet the busy bees behind I Love MCR. We’re as Manchester as it gets. Some were born here, some drawn here. A small band of like-minded individuals who share the same passion; love and affection for our city.  Conversation starters, visual storytellers and social butterflies. We are cool, cultured and cosmopolitan – just like Manchester. We are an extended family who loves Manchester and we hope you do, too.

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