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Rediscover Manchester with I Love MCR®

Discover and rediscover what’s on in Manchester and declare your love for the city. Explore things to do in Manchester and embrace the city’s diverse community, culture and lifestyle with the help of our inspiring Manchester news and cultural city guide.

Manchester is a vibrant word-class city, rich in social and cultural history. Unlike other metropolis, Manchester is an ever-morphing constellation of stories, personalities and moving parts which welcome everyone with open arms. This warm reception informs daily life and a unique civic pride. It’s expressed through the endearing custom of greeting strangers in the street and in the way coffee shops feel like laid back community lounges.

Whether you were born here or drawn here, Manchester is the city of world firsts which welcomes people from all over the world. It’s one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in the world with more than 150 languages spoken.

Apart from Manchester music and football, the key to the city’s success on the world stage is its togetherness. The iconic I Love MCR® logo speaks an international language of love and has become a trusted symbol of civic pride, solidarity and unity adopted by Manchester people.

A city inhabiting a diverse smorgasbord of interesting individuals and extraordinary people. An embracing community and a social spirit feeds an eclectic mix of retail, theatres, galleries, museums, top restaurants, bars, hotels and exciting events.

Embrace the city’s spontaneous spirit and you’ll discover plenty of hidden gems (and some secrets) among our Manchester news, reviews and recommendations.

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Choose love, Manchester. Choose I Love MCR®

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