Advertising Terms and Conditions

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The purpose of this agreement is to state the terms & conditions for the benefit of both parties between you (the Client) and I Love MCR (the Company)

Agreement Summary

This document confirms terms and conditions for advertising, marketing and promotional services, including but not limited to digital media, out-of-home media and events, with I Love MCR for which payment must be made via either monthly instalments or flat rate plus VAT.

Operative Provisions

  1. The terms and conditions of business annexed hereto (“the Terms and Conditions”) shall form part of this Agreement, and the terms defined herein shall bear the same meaning in the Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Client hereby appoints I Love MCR as a digital marketing and advertising consultant to carry out and deliver the assets within the advertising campaign specified in the appendix hereto (“the Campaign”). The Company hereby agrees to act in that capacity and carry out the Campaign, subject to this Agreement’s terms and conditions.
  3. In consideration of the obligations undertaken by I Love MCR hereunder, the Client shall pay the Company the fees in the amount set out in the Schedule, such fees to be paid in full or where agreed with the Company by direct debit in equal monthly instalments in advance (“the Fees”). The Fees shall be reviewed at the end of the period set out in the Schedule. After this point, the then-current Fee shall continue until a new Fee is agreed or this Agreement is terminated.
  4. This Agreement shall commence on the date set out in the Schedule and, subject as set out in the Terms and Conditions, shall continue in force for the initial period set out in the Schedule and thereafter unless or until terminated by either party giving to the other notice. Any such notice must be in writing, must expire not less than 28 days after the date it is received by the Company, and in any event will only be valid if it is to expire at, or at any time after, the end of the initial period.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  1. I Love MCR will only advertise what the Company endorses or has benefit to the community. The Company will not endorse gambling nor anything of a political or religious nature.
  2. I Love MCR reviews are always impartial, regardless of any commercial commitment, and will not be bribed by money or payment in kind.
  3. Paid for posts are clearly marked ‘Sponsored’ to meet ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) guidelines.
  4. Advertising requires a minimum three-month commitment to guarantee optimum exposure. The Client accepts that any shorter campaigns entered into with the Company are done so under ad-hoc circumstances, and may not reach the desired target audience.
  5. Statistic reports will be presented every quarter or by request. No less than 30 days notice is required.
  6. Approvals for Advertising Campaign assets are the responsibility of the Client. If an asset is not received within the agreed campaign period, the Company will NOT be held responsible for lack of activity. Additionally, the asset will not roll-over to another period, unless expressly agreed in writing.
  7. Assets included within package deals hold no cash value and all advertising campaigns are non-refundable.


  1. The listed fees are exclusive of VAT and are based on management, executive and administrative time in the delivery of the Programme.
  2. The listed Fees cover all executive, administration and secretarial time provided by the Company in the Campaign’s execution.
  3. Additional advertising work, including utilisation of additional advertising assets specifically requested by the client, which falls outside the remit of the agreed Campaign (e.g. photography, video, Facebook Ads, or graphic design requests), will also be subject to additional fees. Any such additional work will be pre-negotiated with the Client before work being undertaken by I Love MCR.

Payment Terms

  1. Fees will be invoiced upon receipt of booking or confirmation for any Advertising campaign and must be paid in full before the agreed campaign commences (unless different credit or payment terms are expressly agreed in writing).
  2. Campaigns can commence (or “go live”) on receipt of payment or remittance.
  3. Upon signing of the contract, you agree to Campaign planning and asset scheduling to commence and are committed to honouring payment of the agreed marketing campaign. 
  4. Once campaign planning has begun, no payments are eligible to be refunded.
  5. If monthly instalments are accepted as a method of payment for a campaign by the Company, after the initially agreed campaign, the client may be automatically put on a rolling monthly retainer, regardless of agreed duration, unless we receive 30 days notice of cancellation in writing.

Approvals and Authority

  1. For continuity purposes, pre-approved ‘evergreen content’ must be supplied to I Love MCR by the Client no less than 48 hours before campaign live date
  2. I Love MCR shall submit to the Client draft content for specific approval where required, including:
    1. Draft copywriting/advertorials
    2. Draft solus email marketing
  3. The Client’s approval must be in writing. I Love MCR will accept written approval by the Client of any matter as authorisation to proceed to publication.
  4. If no written approval is received from the Client within 48 hours of the initial request, implied consent should be assumed, and I Love MCR will make the final decision to publish.

Termination Provisions

  1. I Love MCR reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any given time with 30 days notice.
  2. In the event of termination of the Agreement for whatever reason, the Client will be responsible for all fees payable hereunder to the Company and outstanding unpaid invoices issued by the Company shall become immediately due payable by the Client.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

  1. I Love MCR(®) is a registered Trade Mark filed since 2009 with registration numbers UK00002507435, UK00003164586 and UK00003268137 and retains all rights reserved for: all advertising, marketing and promotional services including but not limited to digital media, out-of-home media and events.
  2. The Company encourages use of the I Love (heart) MCR Trade Mark during this agreement term so long as it is not used for any commercial gain.
  3. The Company reserves all copyright for all media produced by the company, including graphic design, photography and video.
  4. Media produced by I Love MCR is prohibited to be shared with other advertising/marketing/publishing companies during or after the agreement.


Professional Indemnity:
The Client shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Company from and against any and all proceedings, claims, damages, losses, expenses or liabilities which the Company may incur or sustain as a direct or indirect result of or in connection with any information, representation, reports, data or material supplied, prepared or specifically approved by the Client (including concerning proceedings under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968). Such material includes press releases, articles, copy, scripts, artwork and detailed plans or programmes.


We stick to the rules of the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK.

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