About I Love MCR®

I Love MCR® is a city brand and trusted symbol of civic pride adopted by Manchester, championing community, culture and unity.

Out of chaos came creativity. Launched in reaction to the riots in 2011, the iconic I Love MCR® logo positively resonated with residents and visitors alike and became an antidote to antisocial news – helping to boost the local economy.

Most world class cities are identified by a landmark piece of architecture. New York has the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben. Manchester has something else. A brand that’s enhanced the city’s public image and made the world love Manchester again.

I Love MCR® isn’t just a brand: it’s an icon of identity for the city and a symbol of civic pride for Manchester.

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Our heart's in the right place

Manchester is the economic hub of the north with a population of over half a million proud people in the centre and 2.7 million people across the region. Manchester was the heart of the industrial revolution. This is a city with a glorious past and, perhaps, an even greater future.

As the city’s fortune swelled in the 19th century, so did its civic pride. Manchester’s elite saw the city as the new Venice and commissioned grand buildings and monuments, taking architectural inspiration from across the ages. Manchester’s crown and glory is its town hall, built to rival the great buildings of London. This is a building that proclaimed ‘this is Manchester and we’ve arrived.’

Manchester may no longer be England’s industrial powerhouse but it’s a city that’s never stopped dreaming. Right across the city daring new projects, innovations and ideas continue to capture the world’s attention.

It’s been said, ‘what Manchester thinks today, the world thinks tomorrow’. A city which paved the way with a wealth of world first innovations. This is the world’s truly modern city. The place where mankind first split the atom. The birthplace of the first modern computer; The first free public library in the country. The first totally artificial waterway. The first city with gas street lighting. The world’s first true railway. The city of the suffragettes. The city of graphene, the world’s thinnest material.

Manchester is the UK’s most exciting and liveable city. The only question is: what will Manchester do next?

The city’s greatest achievement is its unique sense of civic pride – with its resilience and ability stand together in solidarity at times of need – Manchester is a city to be admired and replicated-not just in the UK but worldwide.

This is what we do

I Love MCR® documents life in Greater Manchester to help readers discover (and rediscover) the city’s incredible stories and secrets. We inform, inspire and influence a huge community of people while creating a unique picture of the city.

We advertise Manchester as a desirable destination to live, work and do business. I Love Manchester (MCR) is a vehicle for mobilising Mancunians with meaningful content that connects the community and helps boost the local economy.

We stand together. I Love MCR® fearlessly and optimistically champions a better future for the city.

Positive news

I Love MCR® likes to share the good news and Manchester has plenty of it. Our Manchester news website receives an average of 1 million views per month by highlighting current affairs and the positive stories of interesting people, communities, businesses, charities and events. We like to think our positive posts help put Manchester on the world stage and boost local economy. We cover everything from community and charity to culture and hospitality. Read more and share the love…

Advertising & marketing

Using a combination of digital and media, we advertise and market Manchester businesses by targeting different demographics and interests in a huge captive audience. From editorial and email marketing to video and digital billboards, we connect the right people.

Tickets & events

We’re now proud to be able to offer people the easiest way to discover events, find tickets and compare ticket prices for their favourite gigs via our new media partner TickX.

Appy days!

Join the Manchester mobile movement.

The I Love MCR® App is the beating heart of the city in the palm of your hand. Download an I Love MCR® lifestyle and discover all the best deals, experiences and events in Manchester.

Our heart’s in the right place. Manchester. Is yours?

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Manchester merchandise

Declare your love for Manchester and show the world what the city stands for with our I Love Manchester merchandise, Manchester gifts and souvenirs available from the online shop. What’s more 10% of sales proceeds are donated to We Love MCR Charity. Get the mug and the t-shirt.

We're charitable

Give a little, help a lot! Our partner charity is the We Love MCR Charity whose main aim is to improve the lives and life chances of the people of Manchester.

Formerly known as the Lord Mayor of Manchester’s Charity Appeal Trust, the charity adopted the look and feel of I Love Manchester ‘because of its association with the positive action’. Registered charity number 1066972.

Meet the team

Meet the busy bees behind I Love MCR®. We’re as Manchester as it gets. Some were born here, some drawn here. A small band of like-minded individuals who share the same passion; love and affection for our city.  We are cool, cultured, cosmopolitan – just like Manchester. We are a ‘family’ who love Manchester and we hope you do, too.

Chris Greenhalgh
Chief Executive

Simon Bowers
Operations Manager

Danny Bowen
Sales Manager

Stephen Lewis

Louise Rhind-Tutt
Managing Editor

Dianne Bourne
Deputy Editor

Adam Pester
Social Media Manager

Georgina Pellant
Content Creator

Attila Keményfi

Rhian Sugden
Features Writer

Ray King

Terry Christian

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