Licensing Information

Discover the branding power of I Love MCR®

The I Love MCR® logo is available for license. Connecting a product, service or event with the iconic “I Heart MCR” logo can build brand recognition and sales for your organisation, ultimately providing a significant return on investment.

Created and trademarked by Christopher Greenhalgh (2009), the purpose of the I Love MCR mark is to promote civic pride and solidarity across Greater Manchester.

Today, the globally recognised city brand represents the 10 metropolitan boroughs of the city region, Mancunians’ affinity for their home city, and endless branding opportunities for merchandise and advertising campaigns. It is one of the most recognised logos associated with Greater Manchester.

Is I Love MCR copyrighted?

The I Love MCR® logo is a registered trademark to protect the brand against unwanted use.

Using the I Love MCR logo

Use of the I Love MCR® trademark requires prior approval by the Company, a donation to our charity foundation and a valid license agreement.

All requests should be directed to:

I Love MCR
1 City Road East
M15 4PN

or send an email with the subject title “Licensing Inquiry” to [email protected]


In any case, we appreciate any donation towards our foundation for brand development…