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Manchester is booming. It’s the UK’s second city, the economic hub of the north. According to a census, in the last decade, the population of Manchester city has increased from 25,000 to over 500,000 in just 10 years.

Total visitor numbers to Greater Manchester stand at 115 million, generating £7.5bn for the local economy. That’s visitors’ who spend on food, drink, entertainment, shopping, transport, and accommodation in Greater Manchester every year.

I Love MCR® is a positive and trusted voice which can connect communities and companies to a captive audience of over a million people in the north west and way beyond who use our platforms every month. Our brand awareness and message is pretty prolific.

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I Love MCR® reaches an average of over a million unique users every month, and has a combined audience of more than 200,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Average stats 2017/18:
avg. views per month
250,000+ social media followers
60,000+ newsletter subscribers

I Love MCR® will broadcast your message to well over a million people.

We are proud to give companies the opportunity to be a part of our continuing success story.

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  • Advertising requires a minimum commitment of 3 months to ensure maximum exposure.
  • More on our policy here.

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