The inaugural I Love Manchester Awards event champions people and celebrates civic pride with a contemporary show and ceremony that evokes our brand values.


Our inaugural Manchester awards event 2023

November 2023 will see the launch of our inaugural awards show hosted at the brand-new entertainment destination, DieCast Manchester.

Our unique awards event is set to champion people and celebrate civic pride in a contemporary ceremony that evokes our brand values.

I Love MCR is a platform that has championed our fair city for over a decade, and has built up enough reputation and credibility to award inspirational and extraordinary people and make enough noise to resonate around the world.

What’s more, every penny donated towards the night and raised through the raffle will go directly to the I Love MCR Foundation.

The I Love MCR Awards is billed to be the biggest Manchester awards event the city has ever seen. This will be a night that will live forever.

The venue

DieCast 23.11.23

DieCast Manchester is a brand-new 5,000 capacity entertainment destination in Piccadilly. Located between Store Street and Ducie Street – just behind Piccadilly Train Station – it’s the latest creative concept from the team behind Ramona and the Firehouse. Taking over Manchester’s largest city centre factory, which is over 250,000 square feet, the original building dates back to 1870 and forms part of the fabric of the industrial city’s history.

Opening in the summer 2023, the I Love MCR Awards will also be your chance to see the “epic” new venue in all its glory.

51 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ


Award categories

Nominations is not a numbers game – it’s not a click or about who has the most followers – it’s all about meeting the criteria.

I Love Manchester Awards is an inclusive initiative for the city region of Greater Manchester.

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A local project or group that demonstrates I Love Manchester’s brand values including community, inclusivity and the desire to promote the welfare of human beings collectively.

An individual who demonstrates a big personality, strong leadership skills and social values, leading a certain community to new heights and making a real difference in their collective space.

A cafe, centre or communal space in the community that promotes humanity and the same rights, resources, and opportunities no matter where its inhabitants come from.

Most-Loved Charity

The Most Loved Charity Award recognises the outstanding efforts of an organization that is making a positive difference across Greater Manchester.  The Most Loved Charity Award recognises the profound impact that the charity has had on countless lives. They should be a shining example of the power of compassion, dedication, and hard work shown from the charity of improving lives for the people of Greater Manchester and beyond.

Most-Loved Marketing & PR Campaign

The most loved marketing & PR campaign award recognises organisations who can demonstrate exceptional work in executing a successful campaign that have resonated with clients and target audiences.

Young Person of the Year

The Young Person of the Year award should recognise a remarkable young person from Greater Manchester looking at their exceptional achievements, extraordinary efforts and have made a significant impact on their community and inspired others to follow in their footsteps. In short the awards will be recognising an exceptional young person deserving of recognition for their countless contributions to the Greater Manchester community. An individual who is a true role model for young people everywhere, inspiring others to dream big, work hard, and give back to their communities.

The Most Loved Restaurant Award for the Greater Manchester area recognises the restaurant that goes above and beyond in creating a memorable dining experience for their customers. The winning restaurant must showcase exceptional food, have an inviting atmosphere, and provide excellent customer service.

The Most Loved Pub Award for the Greater Manchester area is awarded to the pub that is loved and cherished by locals and visitors alike. This award recognises the pub that has created an inviting and welcoming ambiance that people can enjoy, be it for a few drinks with friends or a cosy evening out with loved ones. The pub that wins this award will have an extensive selection of drinks, a diverse menu of hearty helms, excellent customer service, and an overall friendly atmosphere.

The Most Loved Bar Award for the Greater Manchester area recognises a bar that goes above and beyond in providing exceptional service, atmosphere, and drinks to its patrons. The winning bar will have a strong reputation within the community and be celebrated for its quality, consistency, and hospitality. Judges will be looking for a bar that has a unique selling point, that offers something special to its customers, and has genuine warmth and charisma that keeps people coming back. The winning bar should also demonstrate a dedication to the local community and have a commitment to environmental sustainability. 

The Most Loved Chef Award seeks to recognise the outstanding achievements and contributions of the most beloved and innovative chefs in the region. The Greater Manchester area is home to many talented chefs who have elevated the local culinary scene through their inventive and flavourful dishes. The Most Loved Chef Award is an opportunity to recognise these chefs and celebrate their contributions to the community. The award acknowledges the importance of culinary excellence, innovation, consistency, customer service, and community involvement. The award recipient should, therefore, be a chef who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in all these areas, and who has made a significant impact on the local food scene.

The Most Loved Hotel Award for the Greater Manchester area will be given to a hotel that has consistently provided exceptional service to its guests. The winner should be recognised for their high standards of quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. This award is open to all hotels, from boutique hotels to international chains, that operate within the Greater Manchester area. Hotels that provide unique and personalised customer experiences, distinctive amenities, and world-class quality services are encouraged to apply.

The Most-Loved Entertainment Hub Award is an exceptional and remarkable recognition that has been thoughtfully designed to celebrate extraordinary and secure venues or complexes that offer top-notch and regularly scheduled events and entertainment programs, or an idyllic oasis of catering and retail options that embody and promote our brand’s core values. This award is a testament to the hard work and commitment put forth by venue owners and managers to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for their patrons. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, you can always count on our award recipients to provide an outstanding experience that will leave you eagerly anticipating your next visit.

A family-friendly experience or attraction that promotes education, imagination, creativity and fun for young people and their support network.

The Most Loved Cultural/Arts Venue award aims to recognise and celebrate an outstanding cultural or arts venue that has made a significant contribution to the Greater Manchester area. The award will be given to a venue that has created a positive impact and fostered a sense of community by providing an exceptional cultural and arts experience. The winner of this award will be a venue that has demonstrated excellence in programming, audience engagement, and overall customer experience.

The Most Loved Property Developer Award for the city region of Greater Manchester recognises a company or individual who has demonstrated excellence in property development through exceptional dedication, innovation, quality of design, sustainability, and successful delivery of projects in the region.

The Most Loved Fashion Influencer can be an icon/brand that have influenced the fashion industry significantly, inspiring new trends and setting the standard for excellence.

The Innovator of the Year award honours an individual or organisation in the Greater Manchester area that has demonstrated exceptional innovation and creativity. This award recognises individuals or organisations who have made significant contributions to their field through unique approaches and solutions.

The Emmeline Pankhurst Award should be given to an individual or group who has made significant contributions to advancing gender equality, women’s rights and empowerment, and women’s political participation throughout the Greater Manchester area and beyond.

An inspirational individual who has grafted their way to the top of their chosen field of work and left a permanent mark on their specific industry.


There will be a shortlisting process by a judging panel and a live public vote pre event (50/50 split) for all nominations with a winner for each category announced on the live event evening. The shortlist in each of these categories will be determined and informed by the 15 September 2023.

Every penny donated towards the night and raised through the raffle will go directly to the I Love MCR Foundation which raises vital funds to help improve the lives and prospects of people across Greater Manchester. The I Love Manchester Foundation (the Fund) is managed by our principal beneficiary, Forever Manchester, the Community Foundation for Greater Manchester. The fund is only used to support charitable projects in line with the funds agreed criteria, authorised by the advisors and ratified by the Forever Manchester board of trustees. The fund is shared with a diverse array of beneficiary charities as and when it’s needed the most. Learn more >>

The Judges

These extraordinary individuals are experts in their chosen field, and have earned the right to judge the award categories. They’re here to make sure that every nomination and vote are aligned with our brand values.

Paul Shannon Co CEO & Founder at OBT advisory

Paul Shannon

CEO & Founder at OBT Advisory

Gwenno Jones Chair Women In Property NW

Gwenno Jones

Chair Women In Property NW

Jenny Osbourne Chief Exec Tpas

Jenny Osbourne

Chief Exec Tpas


Dave Haslam

DJ / Author


Diane Modahl

Former Olympian

carl authin-behan ilovemanchester pride

Carl Austin-Behan

LGBTQ+ Ambassador

Dave Scott Argh Kidjpg

David Scott

Poet & Author

terry christian i love mcr

Terry Christian

Presenter & Author

Stanley Chow I Love MCR t shirt

Stanley Chow


Ric Moylan Performance Coach Salford Manchester

Ric Moylan

Performance Coach

The Michael Josephson MBE Summer Ball 2019 at The Hilton, Deansgate

Darren Proctor

Radio Host and Presenter

Michelle Eagleton ILoveMCR theatre reviewer (1)

Michelle Eagleton


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Welcome cocktail(s)

Three-course meal(s)

Live entertainment

Souvenir awards programme

Take-home gifts

Donation towards Foundation

Table upgrades and discounted drinks packages available upon request

Partners & Sponsors

See how you can be part of the biggest legacy awards and fundraising event the city has ever seen…

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Reach millions marketing online before, during and after event;

Circa. 1200 people attending the evening;

Brand new ‘creative neighbourhood’ venue;

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