The best restaurants in Greater Manchester

Discover the best restaurants in Greater Manchester – look beyond the big chains and tourist haunts in the city centre to tout the city region’s best places to eat.

If we had £1 for every time we’ve been asked which are the best restaurants in Manchester, we’d have our own private yacht, holiday home in the Hamptons, top of the range Merc, and still have a few quid left in the bank.

So to save you the trouble of asking us – and us the trouble of answering – we decided to put our heads together and publish our choice of the top 10 best restaurants in Greater Manchester. There’s no charge.

You’re never far away from a good restaurant in the city centre, but there are great ones to be found across Greater Manchester, too, from Ramsbottom and Westhoughton in the north to Stockport in the south.

Suburban restaurants offer great food and are often more relaxed and less expensive – and you usually don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to park.

If you live near any of these places you’re lucky – you don’t have to come to the city centre to find great grub. They all come highly recommended – and in random order to avoid accusations of favouritism.

Please feel free to disagree. Remember, in the immortal words of the poet, opinions are like ****holes. Everybody’s got one. This is ours.

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