The Manchester Christmas Markets officially opened on Friday with the usual anticipation and excitement that this time of year always brings.

One stall that’s become a huge favourite with fans of the Christmas Markets is Porky Pig, so it’s hardly surprising that there are often long queues of people waiting for their fix of porky yumminess.

That’s fine for those of us who have the time to wait but not so great for anyone working in the Emergency Services who may not have time to queue.

So big-hearted Porky Pig owner Eddie Osman isn’t just giving them priority service so they don’t have to queue. He’s going the whole hog and offering them FREE food as well.

That’s because Eddie nearly lost his life four years ago when he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident which left him in a coma and wants to give something back to the people who saved his life.

Anyone who works in the Emergency Services can claim their free food from the stall opposite Selfridges as long as they are in uniform and on shift.

Porky Pig’s ever popular festive Yorkie wraps are available with lots of different fillings, to which Eddie has added his devilish deep-fried pigs in blankets. The bacon-wrapped mini sausage treats in batter are served with your choice of dip of gravy, apple or spice apple sauce.

And as if that’s not enough of a porky treat, check out the Yorkshire Rose, a giant toad-in-the-hole creation.

The market stall menu gives you a flavour of the menu at Porky Pig’s restaurant on Cooper Street near the Town Hall. For the full menu on-the-go, download their brand new app.

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