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All you need to know about new Manc witch drama Domino Day

BAFTA-nominated Lauren Sequeira's Manchester set supernatural series is casting a spell on viewers.

The streets of Manchester are  the backdrop for an intriguing and spellbinding modern witch drama, “Domino Day,” which is now being shown on BBC 3.

Following a glitzy premiere at The Printworks last month, does it have what it takes to become another Manc Classic?

Manchester has already produced so many good TV Series, like Life on Mars, Brassic, Cold Feet, Shameless, and Queer as Folk to name but a few.

Could this new BBC Drama set to join these Mancunian legends on screen?

Created and written by the talented BAFTA-nominated Lauren Sequeira, this six-episode series promises to be a big Manchester hit.

Domino Day

In a refreshing twist on witchcraft, “Domino Day” introduces us to Domino, portrayed by the sensational Siena Kelly, who is not your average witch.

Far from the traditional image of broomsticks and pointy hats, this drama explores a modern-day world of witches who are as cool as they are provocative.

What’s Domino Day about?

Domino Day

Domino is not your typical singleton swiping through dating apps in search of love.

Instead, she’s on the hunt – a hunt for something far darker and more electrifying.

As a young witch with extraordinary powers, Domino’s journey takes her to Manchester, where she seeks to understand her true self and find a community that can help her.

But her quest is anything but straightforward.

The Domino Day coven

Unbeknownst to Domino, a coven of witches is hot on her trail, tracking her every move.

They are convinced that her powers have the potential to destroy everything and everyone in their path. The tension between Domino and the coven promises a gripping narrative of suspense, intrigue, and magic.

Domino Day

Adding to the suspense, a dangerous figure from Domino’s past reemerges, raising questions about whether this confrontation will lead to a fresh start or a final showdown.

An Outstanding ensemble cast

Domino Day

Siena Kelly takes the lead as Domino, alongside a talented cast, including Babirye Bukilwa as Sammie, Poppy Lee Friar as Geri, Alisha Bailey as Kat, Molly Harris as Jules, Sam Howard Sneyd as Silas, and Percelle Ascott as Leon.

The series also features Lucy Cohu, Christopher Jeffers, and Jonah Rzeskiewicz.

Interview with show creator, Lauren Sequeira

The show’s creator, Lauren Sequeira, has shared her excitement for the world to meet this remarkable cast.

Don’t expect broomsticks, pointy hats, and wands – these are witches like you’ve never seen before; cool, provocative, and full of grit.

We spoke to Lauren at the show’s premiere, about her vision for Domino Day and her time in Manchester.

How familiar are you with the city?

I’d been a couple of times, and I knew the city centre in general was quite a vibrant, young sort of city.

When setting a show in the dating world which isn’t London, I just felt Manchester was the natural place.

What parts did you like and were there any specific auras or areas that brought to life the show?

I loved the Northern Quarter in general; it’s just such a cool area.

But yeah we filmed in a forest towards the end for a later episode and we got sun! And that was a pretty magical experience, getting out of the city almost.

Do you think the show has the potential to become another iconic Manchester show like Queer as Folk, Cold Feet or Life on Mars?

Yeah I think so- I think it shows the place. Also, it is a supernatural show in Manchester I just think it’ll pop on screen and it’ll just feel different and that kind of audience brings its cult as well.

Did you find inspiration for any parts of the show in your everyday life? 

Oh yeah absolutely.

I mean in every character, maybe not Silas that’s a character based on a character in my life, but every other character there’s a little bit of me in them.

Even Geri she just gets irritated at another character for drinking a drink loudly, and that’s me! But even the character of Domino and what she goes through in terms of finding herself and her power, I went through that in my twenties.

What sets this show apart from other shows? What is it that makes it unique and stand out?

I think it’s a blend of supernatural and relationship drama, and we don’t have many witch shows on TV or supernatural and I think this is the first supernatural drama for BBC Three after a long time.

I feel like its just unique in its premise and what it gives to the audience.

Do you think it is something about it being British that makes it unique as there aren’t as many British supernatural shows?

Yeah, I think so. I mean the way we talk and the way we move is just different from other parts of the world and I just hope other countries will watch it one day and just think ‘oh so this is how the Brits do it, this is how they do dating in Manchester’.

Domino Day filming locations in Manchester

Domino’s Flat

Situated on the huge empty Grade II listed building on the corner of Piccadilly and Newton Street – Domino’s fancy warehouse apartment.

We dread to think what the rent would be on that.

And as always, revitalisation continues apace – the area is set to be converted into a swanky new hotel, Pestana, backed by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Northern Quarter

A lot of action in Domino Day snakes through the backstreets of the Northern Quarter and behind Piccadilly.

Stevenson’s share gets a fair outing too, with plenty of sightings.

Hipster favourite coffee shop Takk and Tarrif street figures regularly, because it’s where Domino works.

The witches’ coven

The Witches Coven is situated on Factory Street in Ardwick Green. By day these ladies run a plant shop, as a front for their subversive magic.

Various bars and clubs

Project Halcyon and Bonded Warehouse feature early doors – later on Dog Bowl on Whitworth Street also gets a shout-out for some important scenes. If you look closely, you can see History Nightclub on Longworth Street for a lot of the nightclub scenes in the show. Beyond Tokyo also gets a glimpse; where Domino first discovers she’s got magic powers.

The underground world

Kal runs an antique shop – which is Insitu in Hulme, found on Chester Road. Again, this is a front for more frivolous and dangerous activities.

By the magic of TV, the team created the subterranean world not beneath the shop itself, but heading further down Deansgate to Barton Arcade to its subterranean layers.

Special effects

While the drama was all shot on location around Manchester, special effects were all added afterwards by Manchester’s Dock 10 studios.

Other Manchester locations

St John’s Gardens was used for a picnic scene, with the team aiming to “capture the beautiful green spaces that there are in Manchester,” said Laurence.

Meanwhile, Leon’s flat was all shot at Beehive Mill in Ancoats to capture “aspirational Manchester with loft living”.

About Dancing Ledge Productions

Dancing Ledge Productions, recently awarded Production Company of the Year at the 2023 Edinburgh Television Awards, is known for producing bold, high-end, and authored drama.

With a mission to nurture future generations of creative talent, this production company, led by multi-BAFTA award-winning CEO Laurence Bowen and Emmy award-winning Managing Director Chris Carey, consistently delivers outstanding content.

Their portfolio includes a range of successful productions, making them a key player in the industry.

Productions include Big Mood, Platform 7, Wedding Season, Crossfire, The Responder, The Salisbury Poisonings, The New Pope, Porters and Delhi Crime.

You can find out more about Domino Day by clicking here

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