Korean corndog ‘viral’ sensation Bunsik comes to Manchester

Manchester is about to experience a tantalising taste of East Asia as Bunsik, the Korean corn dog connoisseurs are coming to Manchester.

With three popular branches already delighting food enthusiasts in London’s Chinatown, Embankment, and Camden, Bunsik is ready to captivate the taste buds of Manchester locals with their first outpost opening this summer.

Located in the heart of Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, Bunsik’s new restaurant will occupy an impressive 2,000 square foot space, offering an evolved menu that builds upon the success of their London counterparts.

For the uninitiated, Korean corn dogs are a  blend of sweet and savory, chewy and crispy.

These culinary legends are believed to have originated in Korea in the 1980s and have since gained worldwide notoriety in Taiwan, Japan, China, the US, and now, Manchester.

The corn dogs are made by skewering sausage, cheese, or a combination of the two, dipping them in batter, rolling them in breadcrumbs, and finally topping them with potato, diced french fries, crushed ramen noodles, or crispy rice.

They are then cooked to a perfect golden brown, resulting in an irresistible treat.

Bunsik’s menu will showcase a variety of authentic and tasty options, including the iconic Original Corn Dog made with premium chicken sausage encased in a crispy exterior.

Adventurous food lovers can also indulge in the Half and Half, a mouthwatering combination of chicken sausage and mozzarella cheese.

The menu will feature other tantalizing options such as the Potato Corn Dog, where the premium chicken sausage is wrapped in potato cubes, and the Beef Corn Dog, featuring premium beef sausage with a crispy coating.

In addition to their legendary corn dogs, Bunsik’s menu will offer an array of East Asian delights to tantalize every palate.

Highlights include Kimbap, a delightful roll of cooked rice, vegetables, fishcake, and meat wrapped in dried seaweed sheets. Ddukbokki, cylindrical rice cakes cooked in a spicy sauce, will provide a fiery kick to adventurous taste buds.

Korean Fried Chicken, tossed in various delectable sauces including sweet and spicy, honey garlic, and dakgangjeong, will satisfy those craving a flavorful crunch.

Cup Bap, a delightful combination of rice, noodles, broccoli, and chicken, alongside a variety of Korean chicken burgers, will offer an exciting twist on fast-casual dining.

Adding to the excitement, Bunsik’s Manchester location will introduce a new dessert called Bingsu, available exclusively at their new site.

Bingsu, similar to ice cream, is a Korean shaved ice dessert made from frozen cream or milk.

A block of frozen milk or cream is grated or shaved using a knife to create a fluffy, snow-like texture.

Toppings range from chopped fruit and condensed milk to fruit syrup and red beans, creating a delightful medley of flavors and textures.

For bubble tea enthusiasts, Bunsik will serve a selection of popular choices alongside their signature creations, including Strawberry Bubble Tea, Chocolate Bubble Tea, and Matcha Latte Bubble Tea.

Bubble tea, known for its delightful mix of freshly brewed tea, milk, and chewy tapioca bubbles, can be enjoyed hot, cool, or iced, with each sip providing a burst of refreshing flavors.


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