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Get hooked on Hawksmoor’s amazing seafood menu

Renowned for its prowess in delivering unparalleled meats, Hawksmoor holds a secret that few are aware of, a wonderful selection of fish that will leave you reeling with delight.

Brace yourself for an aquatic adventure like no other, as we explore the depths of flavour and artistry that Hawksmoor’s seafood brings to the table.

As we set sail on our epicurean voyage, we were presented with a trio of starters that would make any seafood lover weak at the knees.

Seafood at Hawksmoor

The Roasted Scallops are bathed in a beautiful blend of white port, butter, and garlic, and are exquisitely tender.

Splendid scallops

Each succulent bite unfolded like a delicate waltz, where the scallop’s inherent sweetness danced harmoniously with the intoxicating flavours of the ocean.

Next in line, the smoked salmon stole the limelight with its undeniable quality and taste.

Smoked Salmon stealing the show

The deep orange hue beckoned like a siren’s call, enticing us to delve into its rich depths.

Paired with a light, airy soda bread and a velvety cream cheese spread, this ensemble played a symphony of flavour.

The smoky notes of the salmon intertwined with the creamy backdrop, creating a composition that crescendoed with each satisfying mouthful.

The in-house sommelier recommended a delicious set of wines, I opted to try the Coola Hills Pinot Noir, from South Eastern Australia, which went down a treat, perfectly complimenting the fatty notes in the salmon with a light and fruity taste.

Main courses at Hawksmoor

Casting our nets a bit wider for the mains, The Brixham cuttlefish, a molluscan marvel, was a sight to behold.

Tender tendrils of cuttlefish were elevated to celestial heights by the skilled hands of the culinary maestros at Hawksmoor.

Every forkful brought forth an explosion of flavours, as the briny essence of the ocean mingled with the nuanced spices that adorned this maritime masterpiece.

Venturing further into the depths, we encountered the regal presence of the whole royal sea bream.

Sea Bream (front, right)

A dish fit for a king, its glistening silver skin adorned the succulent flesh beneath.

With each forkful, we sailed through a sea of flavours, as the sea bream’s natural sweetness shone through the dish.

The crackling of its crispy skin was a rare delight, adding to the succulent texture of the fish it ensconed.

Last but certainly not least, the south coast monkfish emerged from the culinary abyss to captivate our senses.


Its dense, meaty texture was akin to the majestic tail of a mermaid, while the flavours spoke of the ocean’s depths.

Grilled to perfection, this noble creature unveiled a medley of tastes—hints of umami, whispers of the sea’s brine, and a lingering embrace of smoky succulence.

In the realm of carnivorous indulgence, Hawksmoor proves that it is equally adept at satisfying the most ardent seafood lover.

We spoke to restaurant Manager Nick, who explained why Hawksmoor is now looking to get the word out about their seafood selection.

He said: ” While Hawksmoor is renowned for its beef, we also have a fantastic seafood selection.

“Our journey into seafood began with a collaboration with Mitch Tonks, the owner of the Seahorse in Dartmouth.

“Our founders, Will and Hugh, approached him to bring the same commitment to quality British produce that we have with beef to the realm of seafood.

“With Mitch’s expertise, we developed the early Hawksmoor seafood menu, which has evolved over the years into what it is today.”

Nick added that they were looking to showcase their British produce that goes beyond beef, into the delightful seafood on offer.

Their menu features sea bream, monkfish, and our beloved scallops, which have become a staple and one of the most popular starters.

He continued: “We believe in offering a diverse range of options for those who want to experience Hawksmoor without indulging in red meat.

“We’re always trying to be as carbon friendly as possible so currently, we work with MyFish, a Blackpool-based supplier.

“By keeping it local, we ensure the freshness and quality of our seafood while being mindful of our environmental impact.”

Nick said one of the secret weapons at Hawksmoor was their anchovy hollandaise.

And I must say, it is astounding.

He said: “The anchovy hollandaise is a real delight.

“At Hawksmoor, we love incorporating anchovies wherever we can.

“They hide in our garlic butter and potted beef, and they also make their presence known in our wonderful anchovy hollandaise.

“This sauce adds a punchy flavour profile, complemented by a touch of thyme.

“It brings a delightful saltiness to any dish and pairs exceptionally well with our beautiful fillet steak. Highly recommended!”

And his last recommendation on the seafood menu was the crab on toast, highlighted for its excellent balance of flavours.

Dessert at Hawksmoor

To round things off for dessert, we indulged in peanut butter shortbread and elderflower pannacotta.

The pannacotta walked a perilous tightrope of tart and sharp flavours, balanced by the creaminess of the pannacotta.

It is a creamy masterpiece, infused with the delicate essence of elderflower, which envelops the palate with its velvety texture and enchanting floral notes.

The Peanut butter shortbread was also fantastic. The sweetness of shortbread harmonises with the irresistible allure of peanut butter.

Creating a melody of decadence that lingers long after the last crumb has disappeared, we indulged in this heavenly creation, and let the buttery notes and nutty crescendos transport you to a realm of pure bliss.

With an orchestra of starters that seduce the palate and mains that transport you to the depths of aquatic bliss, this Manchester outpost offers a seafood experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Hawksmoor has submerged itself in the world of fish and seafood, emerging triumphant with a menu that exemplifies the treasures of the ocean.

So, dive in and allow yourself to be swept away by a tide of flavour that will leave you longing for the next voyage into Hawksmoor’s underwater wonderland.

You can book a table here.

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