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Simply the Best: United legend George Best in his own words

Join us in celebrating the remarkable career of George Best with a collection of his most memorable quotes and wisdom

George Best, the charismatic and talented Northern Irish footballer, left an indelible mark both on and off the pitch.

Known for his breathtaking skills and dazzling play that has inspired for generations, as well as his quick wit and charm, Best was a true icon of his time.

Best made his debut for Manchester United in 1963 at the tender age of 17.

He won the prestigious Ballon d’Or award in 1968.

Matt Busby called him a ‘genius’, and he mesmerised punters with his incredible dribbling, helping United to win two league titles and the European Cup before moving on in 1974.

He was immortalised in 2005, when he was posthumously inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame

In this article, we celebrate the best of George Best by delving into some of his most memorable quotes.

From his humorous remarks to his reflections on his legacy, these quotes encapsulate the essence of a man who lived life to the fullest.

The great man George Best in his own words 

George Best on Miss World and scoring lots of goals.. 

“If you’d given me the choice of going out and beating four men and smashing a goal in from thirty yards against Liverpool or going to bed with Miss World, it would have been a difficult choice. Luckily, I had both.”

George Best on financial management… 

“I spent a lot of money on booze, birds, and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.”

George Best on going ‘Miss’ing.. 

“I used to go missing a lot… Miss Canada, Miss United Kingdom, Miss World.”

George Best on abstinence.. 

“In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol – it was the worst 20 minutes of my life.”

and again.. 

“It is typical of me to be finishing a long and distinguished drinking career just as the government is planning to open pubs 24 hours a day.”

…….and again.. 

“I’ve stopped drinking, but only while I’m asleep.”

George Best on his competitive streak.. 

“I was born with a great gift, and sometimes with that comes a destructive streak. Just as I wanted to outdo everyone when I played, I had to outdo everyone when we were out on the town.”

George Best on the infamous food fight vs Arsenal in 2004.. 

“That’s what children do – throw food. That’s not fighting. We were real men. We’d have chinned them.”

On Paul Gascoigne..

“I once said Gazza’s IQ was less than his shirt number and he asked me: ‘What’s an IQ?’

George Best on his legacy.. 

“They’ll forget all the rubbish when I’ve gone and they’ll remember the football. If only one person thinks I’m the best player in the world, that’s good enough for me.”

George Best on Christiano Ronaldo.. 

“There have been a few players described as the new George Best over the years, but this is the first time it’s been a compliment to me.”

George Best on David Beckham.. 

“He cannot kick with his left foot, he cannot head a ball, he cannot tackle and he doesn’t score many goals. Apart from that, he’s all right.”

George Best on Bobby Charlton… 

“He did have my son at one of his Schools of Excellence once…. and he came back bald.”

George Best on Eric Cantona… 

“I’d give all the Champagne I’ve ever drunk to be playing alongside him in a big European match at Old Trafford.”

George Best on Pele… 

“Pele said he thought I was the greatest ever player. I have always thought I was the best ever player – that’s the way you have to look at it. I have never looked at another player and felt inferior.”

George Best’s quotes provide us with a glimpse into the wit, charm, and self-awareness of a footballing legend.

From his humorous remarks about his lifestyle choices to his reflections on his own legacy, Best’s quotes capture the essence of a man who lived life to the fullest.

He embraced his fame, enjoyed the pleasures that came with it, and never shied away from expressing his opinions or showcasing his quick wit.

George Best’s quotes serve as a reminder of his unique personality and his lasting impact on the world of football.

Happy Birthday to a footballing legend.

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