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Drag royalty arrives at The Lowry this September with new ‘Straight Expectations’ tour

The Liverpudlian drag legend is heading to the Lowry this September - we caught up with them to see what their new show is all about.
Danny Beard

In this interview with drag sensation Danny Beard, we’re taking you behind the scenes of their new tour, “Straight Expectations”.

From killer vocals to side-splitting comedy, and everything in between, get ready for a whirlwind journey.

We talk about the inspirations behind the show, delve into Danny’s journey from Liverpool’s Drag scene to winning RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 4, and explore the highs and hilarious lows of life as a Z-list ‘celeb’.

They sold out The Lowry last time around, and not many Z-listers can claim that…

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Danny Beard at The Lowry

With anecdotes, insights, and plenty of glitter, let us take you on a wild ride through the world of drag and entertainment.

We sat down to discuss what you can expect from the upcoming tour, which hits Salford’s The Lowry on Sunday 15th of September.

Danny said: “The new show is my rollercoaster ride through what life has been like as the ‘ultimate Z lister’ since I was last on Drag Race.

“It’s a traditional drag show – so expect the unexpected – and lots of scandalous behaviour, of course.

“And of course, as always. Don’t sit at the front if you don’t want to be picked on.

“I want to explore society’s expectations of what it means to be a drag queen, what are my expectations of myself, of the world as a queer person.

“It’s a bit of an us and them situation, but it’s all light-hearted fun.

“And we’ve got an incredible soundtrack too.”

Danny is back on the road with the gorgeous five-piece band that they have worked with over the last year.

Talking of expectations, it must be a lot of pressure to be so talented as a performer in makeup, stand-up, dancing, making amazing clothes and more.

“There’s always much pressure to be so glamorous!

“Well it is and it isn’t. There are worse ways to earn a living, you know?

“Dress immaculately, look fabulous, sing songs and call people rude names. Pretty good if you ask me!

“Like most performers, I’m self-obsessed and absorbed – but I love the lifestyle.

Growing up in Liverpool, living in Manchester

Danny will also share their stories of growing up gay in Liverpool through the 90s and 00s.

While a lot of LGBTQ+ stories can be tinged with sadness, Danny said that she had a wonderful experience in the city.

“Do you know what? I was really lucky. I think a lot of stories we hear from gay or queer people, they’ve got a real element of sadness and I think I was so lucky to have such a supportive family.

“I used to dress up and go out all mad orange – my dad never had a problem with me dressing flamboyantly but he was more annoyed I was bright orange.

“It was a great time to grow up, with such a top soundtrack – Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, they’ve just finished their tour, now it’s time for mine. We’re bringing that energy to the tour and just basically, giving the gays what they want.”

Despite being a ‘scouser through and through’ Danny has never understood the city’s rivalry – and now calls Manchester their home.

“I’ve never really understood the rivalry. I think It’s a football thing and let’s be honest – I couldn’t be further removed from that world.

“I’ve toured all over and it’s my favourite city in the world. I’m Scouse through and through, sure but Manchester just feels like home.

“I live in Manchester and I love it.

“It’s one of my favourite cities in the whole wide world and I mean that.

“I’ve been lucky enough to tour all over the world since filming Drag Race.

“And Manchester just feels like home. Like, don’t get me wrong, I’m a scouser through and through. Sure.

“But I feel like a real northern hybrid between Liverpool and Manchester.

“There’s no rivalry in this house, b**ch”

The joy of Northern audiences

Danny said that the best gigs on previous tours had always been in Manchester and Liverpool, with real Northern audiences, who ‘just get it’.

They sold out the Lowry and went about 25 minutes over curfew because they were on such a roll.

“There have been so many funny weird and wonderful things happening since sinning Ru Pau Drag Race; you need to come and see the show. I’ll tell you everything.

“Showbiz, it’s a really funny world. I think a lot of people think glamour and parties, but you know, I’m still getting changed in a portaloo.

“I’m still bumping into Prue Leith backstage and thinking oh my god it’s the lady from the bakeoff.

“I’m just the same drag queen that’s been working in gay bars for ten years, but I’ve been fortunate. Can’t deny that.”

Danny has previously hosted her show, but looking to the future, they still want to tick off a Friday night show, Danny Beard does Caberet with Celeb guests.

“I think drag is getting a bit oversaturated at the moment. But I’d still love to do my show – Danny Beard does Caberet, maybe with some celebrity guests or something?

“I think the appetite needs to be there though.

“There are so many drag queens on television these days because of things like RuPaul – but I think there’s only a few drag queens who’d have the minerals to do something like that.

“I am delusional enough to think I could handle it. haha”

What’s on Danny Beard’s bucket list?

Danny has previously appeared on Hollyoaks, an experience they describe as ‘amazing’.

But they remain optimistic for the future, adding ‘there’s still plenty on the bucket list’.

“This is such a mad job, it takes me to places I never thought I would see.

“You never know what’s around the corner.”

Asked for a final message for their fans, Danny said: “Well don’t sit in the front row if you don’t want to be picked on.

“And make sure you have plenty of drinks because I’ll be much funnier if you do.”

You can get tickets to see Danny Beard by clicking here

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