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“It’s a clear signal Manchester is the place to be” How Chanel’s show ignited an economic buzz

Chanel's Métiers d'Art showcase in Manchester intertwined fashion and economic growth, showcasing the city's potential as a global hub beyond its traditional industrial identity.

CHANEL, the epitome of elegance and luxury, descended upon the iconic Northern Quarter to unveil its Métiers d’Art collection for 2023/24, transforming the bustling streets of Manchester into a runway of economic possibilities.

It has capped off an incredible year for Manchester

As the fashion world’s gaze landed upon the Northern Quarter, so did the opinions of Manchester’s residents.

Some were over the moon, celebrating the city’s role as the backdrop for a globally renowned show, while others expressed scepticism, questioning whether priorities should lie elsewhere.

Yet, amid the mixed reception, there’s an undeniable truth – the Chanel show will have a lasting effect on Manchester’s economic landscape.

The Show: Where Elegance Meets Mancunian Grit

Beneath a Perspex canopy on  Thomas Street, the grand spectacle of the Métiers d’Art show unfolded, seamlessly intertwining Chanel’s timeless sophistication with the raw, magnetic charm of Manchester.

Chanel’s decision to unveil the 2023/24 Métiers d’Art show in Manchester was a deliberate homage to a city pulsating with effervescent pop culture and avant-garde spirit.

Virginie Viard, Chanel’s creative director, underscored Manchester’s rhythmic heartbeat as a city steeped in musical history.

The show’s visual narrative was curated by Peter Saville, renowned for his groundbreaking work with Factory Records in Manchester, imparting a distinct artistic identity.

Bruno Pavlovsky, the president of fashion at Chanel, drew inspiration from the city’s dynamic energy, envisioning a runway experience that transcended the ordinary.

Coco Chanel’s profound connection with Britain came to life in the delicate threads of pastel tweed suits showcased by models.

Models showcased pastel tweed suits, reflecting Chanel’s historical connection with Britain.

Coco Chanel’s connection with Britain was highlighted, as she borrowed tweed jackets from Eaton Hall, Cheshire, the family seat of her lover, the Duke of Westminster.

The £8m Impact

Initial analysis suggests that Chanel’s Métiers d’Art event in Manchester earlier this month generated a direct economic impact of around £8 million for the city.

The figure, calculated by Marketing Manchester, relates to the direct impact of around 600 guests and staff at the show staying in city hotels for 3-4 days in most cases, their spending while they were in the city and other production-related expenditure including venue hire.

It does not include the value of positive national and international media coverage for the city, which is estimated to come in well north of £100m, which will help attract further investment, jobs and opportunities for Manchester people.

The event was delivered at no cost to the public purse with Chanel meeting associated costs such as additional cleaning and road closures, as well as recompensing the businesses directly affected.

Hosting the event also generated wider social benefits. For example, 50 Manchester Met fashion students – from first years to masters students – gained priceless experience as they were hand-picked for professional backstage roles including dressing models, organising collections and supporting rehearsals.

Council Leader Cllr Bev Craig said: “The Chanel event is one of the highlights in the global fashion calendar and the choice of Manchester as the host city received international acclaim.

“But for us it was never about the glitz and glamour – events such as this help cement Manchester’s reputation on a global stage and come with both direct benefits, through the money spent within our economy while they are here but also indirect benefits by showcasing the city and helping to capture investment, jobs, visitors and attention, all of which open up opportunities for Manchester residents and communities.”

Victoria Braddock, Managing Director of Marketing Manchester, said: “The scale of the impact of the Chanel Métiers d’art show in Manchester will be felt for years to come. The global media coverage of the event has put a spotlight on Manchester and its rich heritage in textiles and home of iconic music, which will drive conversations about the city and bring new visitors.

“The £8m economic impact is a welcome boost across accommodation, restaurants, and attractions, and demonstrates the importance of global events in the city.”

Increasing Manchester’s Global Profile

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show was not merely a fleeting affair.

It was a catalyst for long-term economic growth.

The increased global profile of Manchester, fueled by the Chanel event, became a beacon for businesses seeking attractive investment opportunities.

The city has found itself on the radar of international enterprises, drawn by the promise of a vibrant and culturally rich environment.

Let’s hope they keep the roof up so we can enjoy a bevvie in the rain!

Immediate Economic Boost

The runway lights not only illuminated the latest Chanel collection but also sparked an immediate surge in economic activity.

Local businesses, from hotels to restaurants, experienced a palpable uptick in revenue.

Accommodations were fully booked, dining establishments saw a spike in reservations, and transportation services thrived as the city welcomed a wave of international guests.

Local Business Compensation

The secrecy enveloping the event, with businesses signing Non-Disclosure Agreements, translated into concrete economic rewards.

Reports surfaced of local establishments being compensated for disruptions, with one bar reportedly receiving a substantial £47,000 for a temporary closure.

This direct injection of funds into the community highlighted the tangible economic impact at the grassroots level.

Tourism Boost

Chanel’s presence not only attracted the fashion-forward but also drew in curious travellers eager to experience the city hosting such a prestigious event.

The surge in tourism brought with it additional spending on local attractions, tours, and cultural experiences, amplifying the economic impact beyond the confines of the fashion show itself.

Enhanced Global Recognition

Chanel’s decision to showcase its Métiers d’Art collection in Manchester was akin to placing a global spotlight on the city.

The event enhanced Manchester’s global reputation and communicated to international businesses that the city was a noteworthy destination.

This heightened recognition has the potential to attract future investments, creating a lasting economic ripple effect.

Businesses Positioned for Growth

The long-term economic benefits were woven into the fabric of Manchester’s future.

The increased global profile, catalyzed by the Chanel event, positioned the city as an attractive hub for businesses seeking to invest and expand. The resonance of Manchester being in “pole position” on the world’s stage underscored the city’s newfound allure for long-term economic development.

Cultural Hotspots Flourish

Beyond the runway, the after-party at the Grade-II listed Victoria Baths showcased the intersection of luxury and culture.

Scot-rockers Primal Scream graced the event, adding a touch of rock and roll to the evening.

Luxury hotels in the city, fully booked for the occasion, contributed to the economic surge in Manchester’s cultural hotspots, reinforcing its status as a destination for both opulence and cultural prominence.

Securing Manchester’s Future

Deputy Leader Luthfur Rahman OBE’s reflection on the economic impact underscored the profound implications for Manchester’s future.

They said:The impact of the decision by CHANEL to hold its prestigious Métiers d’Art show here in Manchester is something that is already resonating with people around the globe and is going to continue to be felt by the city for quite some time.

“It speaks volumes about the regard in which Manchester is already held across the world, but more importantly it also sends a clear signal to international businesses and the international visitor economy that Manchester is the place to be.

“It’s impossible at this stage to even begin to quantify the economic impact hosting the event has had on the city, or to put a figure on it.

The true impact will involve not just the direct spending and income generated within the city over these last few weeks leading up to and during the event, but also the longer-term benefits that will come from the massive boost to Manchester’s profile that CHANEL has given the city, that in turn translates into more visitors coming to see what Manchester has to offer, and more businesses choosing to invest here.

“It has been without doubt quite a moment for Manchester, not least coming as it does off the back of many other significant moments for the city this year, that together place Manchester in absolute pole position on the world’s stage for the years ahead.”

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