The FA

The referee for Monday’s showdown between best friends United and Liverpool at Anfield is Anthony Taylor. In case you don’t know, he’s from Wythenshawe.

Here he is-

And this is him taking part in a car rally in South Africa.

Sorry. That’s a different Anthony Taylor.

Liverpool fans aren’t happy that he’s the referee on Monday because he’s from Manchester. No sir.

He’s clearly a United fan because they’ve won more games when he’s been the referee than Liverpool have. Nothing to do with the fact that Liverpool haven’t been much good for the last few years.

Look at this. He’s clearly a pal of Pogba. Maybe they’re related.

Some people are fed up with the power United have. They’re the wicked Zionists of the football world.

Hang on a sec. Looks like he’s not a United fan. He’s an Arsenal fan.

No. He’s not an Arsenal fan. He’s a City fan.

No he’s not.

Nope. He’s Watford.

Looks like he’s not a United fan after all.

Nope. He’s definitely not a United fan. When United played Everton in the FA Cup semi-final in April, LVG said Mr Taylor’s decisions almost cost them the game.

Apparently, he’s a Spurs supporter.

Looks like he’s managed to upset just about every team he’s refereed, including United.

So we think he’s probably not a United supporter after all even though he comes from Wythenshawe. Anyway, everyone knows United fans don’t come from Manchester so what’s the problem?

In fact, when you think about it, every decision he makes on Monday is going to be under so much scrutiny that he’s likely to favour Liverpool just in case he’s accused of being biased in favour of United.

So please, FA. Give the game to somebody else. Anybody but Anthony Taylor.

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