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Here’s why you have to see the ‘unforgettable true story’ coming to The Lowry

7,000 stranded passengers. One small town. A remarkable true story.
Come From Away

7,000 stranded passengers. One small town. A remarkable true story.

100 minutes of pure, immersive action from top to bottom and a hell of a ride along the way.

That’s what Come From Away a brand new smash hit musical coming to The Lowry, is all about.

Winner of four Olivier Awards including Best New Musical in London and the Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical on Broadway, this smash hit show shares the incredible story of 7,000 stranded passengers from all corners of the globe who find themselves unexpectedly grounded in a small Newfoundland town following the events of 9/11.

What unfolds is not just a tale of logistical challenges, but a profound narrative of connection, kindness, and the remarkable resilience of the human spirit.

Come From Away at The Lowry

Come From Away
Come From Away rehearsal

Described as a joyous story, with soaring music, it’s about spirited locals and global passengers coming together to forge friendships that will stay with them forever.

The first female American Airlines captain, the quick-thinking town mayor, the mother of a New York firefighter and the eager local news reporter are among the many real characters caught at the start of the moment that changed the course of history and whose stories became a true celebration of hope, humanity and unity.

Tony Award-winning director Christopher Ashley and Olivier Award-winning writers Irene Sankoff and David Hein bring this uplifting true story to the stage in a life-affirming production that has audiences on their feet night after night.

But what sets “Come From Away” apart isn’t just its accolades or its gripping storyline.

It’s the universal resonance of its message – a celebration of hope, humanity, and unity in the face of adversity. It reminds us that in times of darkness, the smallest acts of kindness can illuminate the path forward.

Come From Away Cast

We went to The Lowry to meet the cast and see why this new musical has been such a hit.

Sara Poyzer

Sara Poyzer Come From Away
Sara Poyzer

Sara Poyzer, who plays Beverley, Annette and several other characters was glowing with praise for Come From Away.

“I believe it’s the best show I’ve ever seen and the best show I’ve ever been a part of,” said Sara.

“I say this sincerely, without any clichés aimed at promoting the show. It’s simply utterly brilliant. I first experienced it in the West End, where I completely loved it.

“I laughed and cried, and I felt an intense desire to be involved in it.

“Now that I am, I can’t emphasise enough how much I adore this show and how truly remarkable it is.”

Despite emotional rehearsals, tempered by real-life stories from 9/11, Sara maintains that there has been nothing but love from the cast.

“Our preparation was centred around care, love, support, and understanding. This allowed us to approach the storytelling with authenticity and sincerity.

“For me, the abundance of love and care in the room was deeply touching and immensely valuable.”

So why has the musical been so popular, jet-setting around the US and now the UK, to much critical acclaim?

“Ultimately, I believe what binds us all together, regardless of our location, gender, race, sexuality, or religion, is our desire for connection.

“This show beautifully emphasises this with simple acts of kindness. When people extend kindness, it opens up hearts, and in our world today, kindness is incredibly precious.

“That’s why, regardless of where you are, when you watch a show centred around kindness, it’s impossible not to be moved on some level. It transcends boundaries and touches us all.”

Having performed in Manchester several times in the past, Sara said her love for Manchester was still strong.

“I have a deep affection for this city. The people here are truly wonderful, and I’m aware that Manchester has faced its own set of challenges and adversities. However, what stands out is how the community rallied together, particularly during the Manchester bombings.

“I saw a strong sense of unity and support within the community. I believe that Manchester, like many other communities, will deeply resonate with what they see on stage.

“I genuinely adore this city. It’s not just about the delicious scran, but also the remarkable people who inhabit it.”

Natasha Barnes

Natasha Barnes (R)

Natasha Barnes, who plays Janice, said the universal appeal in Come From Away was the incredible characters.

“It’s a story about the people you encounter while walking down the street. The individuals who greet you at the newsagents, or hold the door open for you on the underground or metro.

“It’s a narrative about ordinary people doing extraordinary things amidst challenging times.

“Regardless of what’s occurring in the world, I think audiences will find a connection to what they witness on stage, and such shows are rare.

“We’re often asked to imagine ourselves on a spaceship, or in the 1900s, or in a castle. However, this show simply asks you to sit down and listen to what transpired on an ordinary day in a very normal setting. I find it truly remarkable to discover the extraordinary within the mundane.”

Come From Away is different to a lot of shows in that it runs for a straight 100 minutes off the bat, with no intervals or breaks.

Natasha says that they pull it off because the show is so gripping and allows for complete immersion into the story.

“There’s something truly remarkable about holding an entire audience’s attention for 100 minutes straight. You become fully immersed in the experience, which is what makes it so special.”

So why should we come and see it?

“Don’t let the unfamiliar title or the uncertain nature of the subject matter deter you. Trust me when I say that I’m not here to sell this show. I’m here because I genuinely believe in it.

“I believe audiences will have a truly beautiful, heartwarming, and delightful evening at the theatre.

“You need to trust the buzz surrounding it because there’s a reason for it, and it’s all genuine.”

Daniel Crowder

Daniel Crowder (R)

Danie Crowder, who plays Nick, Doug and other characters, also stressed what a unique experience this is.

“It’s truly remarkable. The show is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I had the privilege of seeing it in Toronto while I was there with another production.

“I vividly recall being completely captivated by it, realising I’d never witnessed anything quite like it.

“After the show ended, I found myself needing to sit in my seat for about ten minutes just to process everything.

“It’s this incredible blend of movement and sound, woven together with an exceptional script, compelling characters, talented actors, and mesmerising music from the onstage band.

“What makes it even more extraordinary is that it’s based on a remarkable true story.”

Daniel said he enjoyed the frenetic nature of the show, being involved for the whole 100-minute run time.

“As a performer, it’s incredibly exhilarating to be consistently engaged throughout the show. Nobody wants to spend their time waiting in the dressing room.

“Instead, we’re actively involved from start to finish, transitioning between characters rapidly over 100 minutes. There’s hardly a moment where we’re offstage. I reckon I’m off for perhaps a minute at most.

“We’re constantly immersed in telling the story, delivering it to our audiences without pause. I believe this translates into an intense, entertaining, and emotionally resonant experience for the audience, and before you know it, the show is over.

“I would encourage anyone who loves theatre to come and see the show because it offers an experience unlike anything you’ve witnessed before.

“The story is incredibly honest, unique, and genuine. Every character on stage is based on a real person, which adds to the authenticity of the performance. Plus, we have an exceptional on-stage band that adds so much to the atmosphere.

“They’re truly fantastic, heavily influenced by Irish music, which perfectly complements the themes of ‘Come From Away’.”

Kirsty Hoiles 

Kirsty Hoiles 
Kirsty Hoiles (R)

Kirsty Hiles plays Diane and, like the other actors, takes on other roles too.

She thinks the musical has been such a great hit for one big reason. Authenticity.

“I believe it possesses a genuine authenticity that resonates with people, a quality not always found in musicals.

“Musicals typically check various boxes and evoke diverse emotions, but in this case, I think audiences truly connect with the characters as if they were real individuals sharing their lives.

“You become so engrossed in the story that when the curtain finally falls, it’s as if everyone in the audience is immediately on their feet, overwhelmed by the profound experience of the show. I believe this is one of the reasons why it’s so special.”

Kirsty thinks the pace of the show was an incredible challenge for the actors, but also really enjoyable.

“It’s like stepping onto a roller coaster at the start, isn’t it?

“For us, the pace moves swiftly and seamlessly, but for the audience, it serves to intensify the emotional connection to the piece.

“Initially, there was supposed to be an interval, but they decided to remove it, and I think it was the right choice. It amplifies the intensity and keeps the momentum flowing without interruption.

“People often express disbelief at how quickly the show passes. They say, ‘I can’t believe that was only 100 minutes.’ No one has ever complained about its length; instead, they’re astonished by how swiftly it flies by.”

But what about the music? It is, after all, a musical.

“The music is truly exceptional. It has garnered multiple awards for its musical arrangements, winning accolades not just locally but globally, including Olivier Awards, Tony Awards, and Outer Critics Circle Awards. This widespread recognition signifies that it’s a truly remarkable show.

Small cast? No problem. 

“For a production with only twelve cast members, running for a hundred minutes with a small band on stage, winning Best Musical is quite an achievement.

“It’s a testament to the exceptional quality of the work.

“What’s remarkable is that despite lacking big-name stars or flashy titles, audiences are recommending the show to others. They’re spreading the word organically, which speaks volumes about its enjoyability and impact.

“There’s a purity to the production – just twelve actors, an eight-piece band, and a simple stage setup – yet it manages to transport audiences on an extraordinary journey.

“In essence, this is theatre in its purest form, beautifully lit and choreographed, but fundamentally simple in its creation. And that, I believe, is why people should experience it.”

Tickets for Come From Away at The Lowry

Find out more about Come From Away on The Lowry’s website and get tickets  by clicking here

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