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The incredible new all you can eat curry deal that could be the best in Manchester

Delightful family recipes, quality ingredients, impeccable settings and an incredible price. What's not to love?

Manchester is an incredible place to eat, with so many superb options for you to get stuck into.

Even Michelin has taken interest, hosting the Michelin Guide ceremony at the Midland Hotel this year.

And the fun hasn’t stopped yet.

The Hyatt has just thrown its hat into the dining out ring with a new menu that’s incredible not just in taste but value, too.

The Thursday Treasures menu is a dining experience that promises 90 minutes of unlimited curry indulgence across eight tantalising curries from all over the world.

Featuring hand-selected family recipes that have been passed down by generation, this incredible menu has stone-cold classics and intricate new dishes which, we’re telling you now, are all delightful.

And incredibly, it’s just £19.99 per person for all you can eat.

You’d be hard-pushed to find a better deal in the city.

From chef Sandeesh’s decadently rich Ghar Ka Chicken Tikka Masala to Joy’s vibrant Thai Chicken Masamaan, every bite takes you on an incredible journey around the world.

This was too good to miss, so we went down to the swanky hotel to find out more.

What’s on the Thursday Treasures menu at the Hyatt?

Ghar Ka, chicken tikka massala

Designed by Chef Sandeesh, this is an incredibly rich dish with deep and resonant flavours. The dish boasts an unmistakable richness that envelops your palate from the very first bite. 

The sauce has been simmered for hours, allowing all the flavours to meld together and develop a luxurious texture.

Succulent Chicken tikka marinated and simmered for hours in a delightful creamy tomato sauce. Garam masala adds warmth and depth, while cumin and coriander bring earthy and aromatic notes.

Turmeric adds a subtle hint of bitterness and vibrant colour, tying all the flavours together beautifully.

It’s a classic for a reason and Sandeesh has smashed it here.

Lufti’s Indonesian Beef Rendang

An authentic taste of Indonesia, Rendang is a traditional dish that originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesia.

It is considered one of the country’s national dishes and is popular not only in Indonesia but also in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. For good reason.

It’s a delicious slow-cooked beef dish that is simmered in a rich and complex mixture of coconut milk and a variety of spices and herbs.

The dish is jam-packed with deliciously tenderised beef, falling apart and deliciously fragrant. Lemongrass lends a fresh, citrusy scent, while galangal adds a unique, peppery note. Turmeric brings its vibrant colour and earthy flavour, and coconut provides a creamy richness to the dish.

With hints of lemongrass, galangal, turmeric and coconut that deliver an initially savoury scent but with sweet overtones. With a recipe this good.. they should keep it a secret. Delicious.

Keralan New Mango and Prawn

Now to south India, from the sun-kissed southern shores of Kerala, Hitcham is entertaining us, with a delicious mango and prawn curry. The sumptuous tiger prawns are succulent and an absolute delight.

The curry is infused with the earthy aroma of mustard seeds and the citrusy fragrance of curry leaves – ingredients that are staples in South Indian cuisine and add depth and complexity to the dish.

Added into the mix is fenugreek and cumin melding a tasty fusion of mango, chilli, and creamy coconut.

It’s enough to make your mouth water just writing this… and it’s one of our favourites.

Hyatt Thursday Treasures1

Joy’s One Pot Thai Chicken Masamaan

Created by Joy, and bringing joy.

If you’re a fan of peanut-flavoured curries, this is one for you.

With Thai, Persian, and Indian influences Joy’s one-pot Thai massaman chicken is deliciously tender and rich.

Cinnamon, Cardamon, cloves and peanuts create an incredibly lush curry that will have you smacking your lips (and ordering four more bowls of it).

Classic Paneer Do Pysasa

If you’re a fan of the iconic Indian cheese, get yourself stuck into this.

Indian Cottage cheese meets a double-tiered onion curry.

The curry base of this dish is rich and flavourful, with a saucy onion gravy providing a hearty backdrop for the paneer.

Onions are cooked down until caramelised to create a sweet and savoury base that complements the richness of the paneer.

Lashings of cumin, coriander, garam masala, and kasuri menthi dance together creating a multitude of aromatic goodness.

You’ll only wish it was double the size – but it is unlimited – so, treat yourself to another bowl.

Hyatt Thursday Treasures1

Matt’s Jamaican chicken

Pivoting out of Asia, and heading to the West Indies – Matt’s Jamaican Chicken will have you feeling the sunshine indoors.

Deliciously succulent, with a melange of allspice, thyme and a spicy scotch bonnet pepper, sweet potato and a touch of lime which brings the flavours to life.

It’s a nice blend of spice, sweet and savoury.

Classic Lamb Rogan Josh

Another stone-cold classic, Rogan Josh, with some seriously saucy Kashmiri spices lamb.

Slow-cooked to slide apart perfection, it’s a classic – and this interpretation of the classic is de-li-ci-ou-s. 

Kashmiri Chilli, fennel, ginger, and saffron knock together a delicious experience,  which will have you calling back the waiter for another round.

Joseph’s Keralan Cheru Payer

We’re back down south to Kerala for this dish, a delightful comfort food called Cheru Payer.

A delicious Dal (we think could be the best in Manchester), it’s full of tempered green gram, mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilli and coconut comes alive with flavour.

It has to be one of the best comfort foods, especially when it’s cold outside… which let’s be honest – is just about every day.

Damn, Kerala has some nice food. Good work Joseph.

Woah, so if you’ve finally caught your breath (and loosened that top trouser button) – with its unbeatable value, diverse range of flavours, and meticulous attention to quality, this dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Genuinely, you need to go and try some of these dishes.

Whether you’re a fan of classic favourites or crave adventurous new flavours, the Thursday Treasures menu has something for everyone. So, why settle for ordinary when you can indulge in extraordinary? Head to the Hyatt and treat yourself to a dining experience that promises to delight your palate and leave you craving more.

If you’d like to book a table to Thursday Treasures you can do so by clicking here

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