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Manchester hosts renowned MICHELIN Guide ceremony 2024

Watch the live reveal of the awarded restaurants for the MICHELIN Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2024 happening in Manchester

In a historic first, the prestigious Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland Awards 2024 selection ceremony is being held in Manchester.

This exclusive event, scheduled for Monday, February 5, promises to be the most significant night in the UK restaurant calendar, bringing together top chefs from across the nation at the historic Midland Hotel.

Why Michelin have chosen Manchester

Gwendal Poullennec, the International Director of The MICHELIN Guides, expressed honour in bringing the celebration of British and Irish gastronomy to Manchester, a city known for its welcoming spirit and culinary evolution.

She said: “We are honoured to be bringing our celebration of the finest British and Irish gastronomy to the welcoming and ever-evolving city of Manchester. The historic Midland Hotel – a long-standing jewel in the city’s architectural crown – is a venue befitting of the occasion. The MICHELIN Guide team are busy preparing an event that will do justice to the exceptional skill, dedication and hard work found across our industry.”

The choice of The Midland Hotel, a historic architectural gem, is a fitting venue for an occasion that recognises exceptional skill, dedication, and hard work within the industry.

Michelin Green Stars 2024

Beyond the traditional MICHELIN stars awarded for culinary excellence, the 2024 awards will also feature the coveted Green Stars.

A Michelin green star commends restaurants that prioritise environmental impact and sustainability, showcasing a commitment to responsible gastronomy.

The addition of this category reflects a growing emphasis on eco-conscious dining practices within the culinary world.

Specialist achievements in the spotlight

Apart from the standard and Green Stars, the ceremony will spotlight restaurants with specialist achievements by announcing special awards.

This recognition extends beyond culinary mastery, acknowledging establishments that excel in specific areas, adding an extra layer of diversity to the accolades presented.

Manchester’s Culinary Landscape

Where the Light Gets In

Currently boasting only one Michelin-starred restaurant, mana in Ancoats, Manchester’s culinary scene is ripe for further recognition.

Notably, Stockport’s Where The Light Gets In received a Green Star in 2021; speculations are high for its first MICHELIN star.

Higher Ground

Established names like Adam Reid at The French and newcomer Higher Ground are also in contention, setting the stage for a night of anticipation and celebration.

When will Michelin Guide Awards take place?

The excitement surrounding the Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2024 Awards is palpable as the event draws near.

The announcement of Michelin Stars, Green Stars, and Special Awards will take place at The Midland Hotel on February 5.

This grand hotel, with over a century of history, adds a touch of elegance to an already momentous occasion.

Live broadcast and online presence

To ensure that the celebration reaches a wider audience, the Michelin Guide has planned a live ceremony broadcast via its official YouTube channel. This move aims to share the excitement of the prestigious event with food enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Following the live event, the new selection of restaurants and hotels will be available on The Michelin Guide website and app, offering a comprehensive guide to culinary excellence in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

From the historic venue at The Midland Hotel to the anticipation surrounding potential star recipients in Manchester, this article offers a detailed preview of what promises to be a night of gastronomic glamour.

Whether you’re a seasoned food critic or an avid enthusiast, mark your calendars for February 5 and witness the unveiling of the culinary stars that will shine bright in 2024.

Stay tuned for live updates on The Michelin Guide YouTube channel by clicking here

How to get a Michelin Star

Exceptional Culinary Skill:

Demonstrating exceptional cooking techniques, creativity, and mastery of flavours are essential criteria for earning a Michelin star.

  • Consistency:
    • Maintaining consistency in delivering high-quality dishes is crucial. Each dining experience should reflect the same level of excellence.
  • Quality Ingredients:
    • Emphasising the use of premium, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients is a key aspect. The quality of the raw materials contributes significantly to the final dish.
  • Distinctive Personality:
    • Infusing a unique culinary identity and distinctive style into the menu sets a restaurant apart. Michelin looks for chefs who bring a personal touch to their creations.
  • Innovation:
    • Pushing culinary boundaries and introducing innovative techniques or concepts can impress Michelin inspectors. Creativity is often rewarded.
  • Attention to Detail:
    • Paying meticulous attention to every detail, from presentation to service, is crucial. A Michelin-starred establishment reflects a commitment to perfection.
  • Impeccable Service:
    • Providing impeccable service is as important as the food. A seamless and attentive dining experience contributes to a positive evaluation.
  • Value for Money:
    • While Michelin-starred restaurants often offer a premium dining experience, providing value for money is still essential. The overall experience should justify the cost.
  • Consistent Evolution:
    • Staying relevant and evolving with the culinary landscape is key. Adapting to changing trends while maintaining core principles demonstrates a restaurant’s commitment to growth.
  • Respect for Local Culinary Traditions:
    • Acknowledging and incorporating local culinary traditions into the menu can earn extra points. It reflects an appreciation for the culinary heritage of the region.
  • Environmental Responsibility:
    • With the introduction of Green Stars, a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility can contribute positively to a restaurant’s evaluation.
  • Anonymity of Michelin Inspectors:
    • Michelin inspectors operate anonymously, ensuring that the assessment is based solely on the dining experience. This adds an element of objectivity to the evaluation process.
  • Reputation and Industry Respect:
    • A positive reputation within the culinary industry, along with the respect of peers, can influence Michelin’s decision. Industry recognition often aligns with Michelin’s standards.
  • Continuous Improvement:
    • Michelin stars are not a one-time achievement. Restaurants must demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement to retain their stars in subsequent evaluations.

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