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Sam’s Chop House is now home delivering its famous corned beef hash

Manchester’s legendary chop house is delivering chef-ready meals including its famous corned beef hash for you to finish and enjoy at home

We all know the Chop Houses serve up proper British cooking at its best.

Sam’s Chop House has been delivering its Sunday Service to homes across Manchester – and as far as Congleton. Now it’s set to deliver its famous corned beef hash all prepped to be finished at home. 

Classically served with sautéed potatoes and creamed onions, topped with a soft-poached egg and crispy dry cured bacon, Sam’s Chop House’s corned beef hash has been voted one of Manchester’s top ten favourite dishes.

The secret to Sam’s famous corned beef hash is in the long brining in a secret recipe marinade. The marinating takes 10 days, creating a meat with unique flavours. Unsurprisingly, the Chop House guards the recipe like a holy relic.

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“In numbers alone, corned beef hash has to be our signature dish,” says Chop House owner Roger Ward. “We have many imitators but can justifiably claim to have made this humble British classic a staple of the city of Manchester.

“It is definitely the Chop Houses’ best-selling product. And our tills tell us we have sold roughly half a million since the day we trialled the new dish on our Specials blackboards in Sam’s.

Like so many modern restaurant dishes, corned beef derives from the days before fridges were invented. Corning was a means of preserving beef brisket, with ‘corns’ of rock salt. This evolved into marinating the uncooked beef in brine solutions with various local combinations of preservatives and herbs or aromatics to add subtle flavours.

Long a staple of armed forces around the world, bully beef (another name for corned beef) has a special place in the heart of the British Army. Where would your British soldier have been – through the trenches of Ypres or the Somme, onwards to Dunkirk and on to ultimate victory in WW2 – without his rations of bully beef and hardtack biscuits?

“We are all learning how to live with coronavirus. And we have decided that, if the people can’t come to the Chop House, we will bring the Chop House to them.

“Many of you have seen us start with Deliveroo – delivering hot food to homes within 3 miles of the city. And our new Sunday Service with chef-ready meals™ means you can enjoy restaurant-quality food pretty much anywhere within reach of the city.

“Our furthest delivery so far? Congleton.

“We have added a refrigerated delivery van, extended the Sunday menu, added wines and other drinks at incredible retail prices and created a proper new website for these times. And all within a very short space of time.

“You couldn’t possibly f**k it up with these ingredients…”

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It all comes in hygienic biodegradable containers made from corn starch – which can be washed (even in the dishwasher) and be reused many times – ready for you to plate up within about 15 minutes following these ten steps:

  1. Warm half the red wine sauce in a large heavy-based saucepan on a low heat on your hob until it begins to bubble or simmer
  2. Add the onions and beef; mix and heat gently
  3. When these ingredients are mixed and warm, add the potatoes.
  4. Blend these in gently, add more sauce slowly until it has the right consistency and return the hash to the boil
  5. Check for temperature, carefully, as you go using a spoon o When you are happy that it is reheated thoroughly, take the beef pan off the heat, cover with a lid
  6. Rewarm the bacon under a hot grill – to your taste. You may find that taking it to the edge of being crispy helps you to lay out the garnish as you want. Set the rashers aside on a sheet of kitchen roll
  7. At the same time boil 2 pints of water in a saucepan with a splash of white wine vinegar. When this has boiled turn the heat down to a simmer and gently lower the eggs in on a spoon. Poach them how you like and until hot throughout. 45 – 60 seconds is usually sufficient to reheat them
  8. Spoon the warm hash mix onto your plates. Feel free to use a chef’s ring if you have one and like it as we serve it in Sam’s. Top with the crisped bacon
  9. Then, using a slotted spoon, take the poached eggs from the water and place on top of bacon
  10. Garnish with herbs (chives or parsley will do), dress with some legendary HP brown sauce and serve. 

There’s something evocative and satisfying about splitting open a runny yolk – and catching it with crispy bacon – as it soaks into the corned beef beneath.

Ideal washed down with a really nice glass of red from Sam’s new Sommelier’s Selection Wine Shop (prices from £7.99 per bottle). Check out George’s Summer Wines Selection which includes six bottles of summer wine selected by the legend himself (all for £69.60 sale price)

Roger continues: ”If you’re pleased, forward this to a friend and encourage them to sign up with us – because our database is literally our business’s future and our staff jobs lifeline.

“Thank you for your support, encouragement and suggestions. We are implementing all the good ideas we get. Stay safe.”

Sam’s famous corned beef hash is now available for finishing at home: pre-order here

This Chef-ready Menu will be available 7-days a week (with last orders at 5 every night) 

40 award-winning wines are now at unbeatable prices in Sam’s Sommelier’s Choice Wine Shop: order here

And they are about to launch a new online chef’s larder shop [enquire here] together with other local independent businesses. 

Your chance to win a bottle of Sommelier’s Selection Wine

Sam’s wants to see how your corned beef hash turns out. Share your plate to your Instagram story and tag @samschophouse and use hashtag #SamsHomeService

They’ll pick one lucky winner each month to receive a bottle of very nice red wine to pair with your dinner.

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