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The heroic Police officers from Bury and Trafford who showed extraordinary courage in the line of duty

Discover the inspiring stories of PC Amy Greenwood and PC Paul Spinks, nominated for the Pride of Britain awards for their extraordinary acts of courage in the line of duty.

PC Amy Greenwood of Bury district and PC Paul Spinks of Trafford district have been nominated for the prestigious Pride of Britain This Morning Emergency Services awards, celebrating their extraordinary commitment to public safety and selfless acts.

PC Amy Greenwood’s Heroic Encounter

PC Amy Greenwood’s nomination for the Pride of Britain award is the result of a chilling incident that unfolded in the early hours of Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

Responding to what initially appeared to be a routine domestic incident, PC Greenwood and her fellow officers soon found themselves confronting an entirely different and perilous situation.

A Terrifying Struggle

In a heart-pounding sequence captured on camera, PC Greenwood was dragged alongside a moving car for a harrowing 100 meters.

The driver of the vehicle, it was quickly determined, was under the influence of alcohol.

Despite the danger, PC Greenwood’s determination to protect the public led her to cling to the vehicle for dear life as the intoxicated driver attempted to flee.

It was her quick thinking and extraordinary bravery that forced the driver to stop and ultimately led to her arrest.

Courage Beyond Measure

Remarkably, PC Greenwood emerged from this ordeal with only grazed knees from the high-speed drag.

However, the emotional and mental turmoil she experienced during the adrenaline-pumping incident was a battle in itself.

Her resilience and bravery were nothing short of extraordinary.

A Compassionate Perspective:

What sets PC Greenwood apart is not just her physical courage but also her incredible empathy.

Despite the trauma she endured, she holds no animosity towards the driver, recognising her as a fellow mother.

PC Greenwood’s hope is that the driver receives the necessary support to turn her life around, displaying extraordinary compassion amidst the most challenging of circumstances.

Recognition and Praise

PC Amy Greenwood’s nomination for the Pride of Britain award is a testament to her exceptional courage and dedication to public safety.

District Superintendent Arif Nawaz commended her, stating, “She embodies the true essence and spirit of what an officer needs to be at Greater Manchester Police.”

PC Greenwood’s actions, putting public safety above her own, exemplify the commitment of officers in the line of duty.

PC Paul Spinks’s Heroic Intervention

Across Greater Manchester, another hero emerged in the form of PC Paul Spinks of Trafford district.

His nomination for the Pride of Britain award stems from his incredible actions in May 2022. Off-duty at the time and without protective uniform or equipment, PC Spinks found himself face-to-face with a man wielding a menacing machete outside a school in Salford during term time.

A Heroic Act

PC Spinks’s courageous intervention undoubtedly prevented harm to innocent members of the public.

In his modest words, he said, “I did what any other police officer would do in that situation by using my training to step in.”

His actions underscore the  dedication of police officers to protect their communities, even when off duty.

Recognition from Detective Superintendent

Detective Superintendent Alicia Smith of GMP’s Trafford District praised PC Spinks, saying, “Paul is a credit not only to our district but also to Greater Manchester Police as a whole.”

She emphasised his selfless act of putting others’ lives ahead of his own, highlighting the importance of recognising his brave actions.

Heroism and Dedication

PC Amy Greenwood and PC Paul Spinks are prime examples of extraordinary individuals serving in law enforcement.

Her harrowing encounter, where she clung to a moving car while protecting the public from an intoxicated driver, is a testament to her commitment to duty.

The emotional and mental toll she endured during this heart-stopping ordeal speaks volumes about the resilience of those who choose to serve and protect.

What makes PC Greenwood’s story even more remarkable is her capacity for empathy.

Instead of harbouring resentment towards the driver, she extends a compassionate hand, hoping for her rehabilitation.

On the other hand, PC Paul Spinks’s off-duty intervention in the face of a dangerous man wielding a machete is the stuff of legend.

His quick thinking and courage not only protected innocent lives but also served as a beacon of hope in a potentially dire situation.

In the words of PC Spinks, his actions that day were a product of his training and dedication to the safety of the public.

His humble acknowledgement of doing what any police officer would underscore the selflessness that defines those who choose to serve and protect.

Thanks to all the Police Officers across Greater Manchester and beyond who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe.

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