Manchester-based parmo legends Parmogeddon are moving into Northern Monk’s kitchen, taking over the reins from Alabama’s this month.

They’ll be serving up their own inventive takes on the North Eastern delicacy (also known as a Teesside Parmesan) for two months starting from 31st March, as well as continuing on at Hatch on Oxford Road.

For those who don’t know what a parmo is, it’s a popular Northern takeaway consisting of a breaded cutlet of chicken or pork topped with white béchamel sauce and cheese.

But the duo behind Parmogeddon, namely Middlesbrough Kyle and his partner in crime Ellie, have built up a reputation for doing things their own way.

There’s the ‘Armogeddon a sweat on’ (a spicy parmo topped with chorizo, fresh chili, hot sauce, soured cream and spicy tortilla chips), a Rueben inspired Parmo topped with mustard and pickles and even a parmo butty (which you can add extra toppings to).

The street food favourites also used to do popular sharer trays, which are currently not available at Hatch but may well be at Northern Monk if an ever-so-slightly suggestive social media post of theirs is to be believed.

Watch this space.

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