As you know we heart The Liquor Store so it was only fitting that I Love MCR along with XFM hosted the first birthday party for what has to be the city’s coolest and best bar.


With Clint Boon doing the tunes, Zara Cakes, tasty I Love MCR totty handing out free fizz, whisky and moustaches as well as impromptu break dancing and arm wrestling – from what we can remember this was one Birthday party no-one is going to forget in a hurry (well apart from the drink induced amnesia).

One Year On For The Liquor Store Which Celebrates Its 1st B'day In Style I Love Manchester

You either get The Liquor Store or you don’t, it’s as simple as that so if you’re wondering what all the fuss in about then get yourself down and try it out.

The cocktails, courtesy of Biggsy and the rest of the beautiful crew are second to none – even when it appears that the big man is more likely to set himself alight than the flambéd concoctions he was creating at the B’day bash.

One Year On For The Liquor Store Which Celebrates Its 1st B'day In Style I Love Manchester

The music, even without the ‘Boon Army’ is always banging and bob on without being predictable and it’s the only place where spontaneous dancing breaks out without anyone batting an eye.

It’s chilled and anything goes, which it does, and often. What happens in The Liquor Store also famously stays in The Liquor Store, except for when we have this photo gallery to share.

This Christmas, there will be fun and games throughout and they have a tasty Christmas cocktail menu, so go as a little present for yourself and if you have the balls for it, you could even try an infamous blue drink.


The Liquor Store, Maybrook House, 40 Blackfriars Street, Manchester, M3 2EG


0161 834 6239

Photography © The Vain Photos and Chris Greenhalgh

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