“Manchester might be the most exciting place in the U.K for standup comedy right now”

We meet some of Manchester's best up and coming stand up talent and get the lowdown on their careers so far.

Looking for a good laugh in Manchester?

Look no further than these five rising stars in the city’s comedy scene: Dan Tiernan, Molly McGuiness, Michael Mannion, Hannah Platt, and Khalid Winter.

With their sharp wit, unique perspectives, and undeniable charisma, these comedians have been making waves in the local circuit and beyond.

From television appearances shows to critical acclaim, this five are proving that Manchester has no shortage of comedic talent.

And they are just the tip of the iceberg of a wealth of talent.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of these up-and-coming comedians and explore what makes them stand out in a city known for its humour.

Khalid Winter

Where are you from?

I mostly grew up in Longsight. In fact, my show which will hopefully be on towards the end of this year is called Longsight!

The first time I had a great gig at the Frog & Bucket. The Frog is an iconic venue for Manchester. People like Jason Manford, Peter Kay and Johnny Vegas all cut their teeth on that stage so it’s pretty special when you’re a newer comedian from Manchester and you have a great show there.

What do you think of Manchester’s comedy scene?

Manchester might be the most exciting place in the country for new comedy right now.

The amount of talent coming through is brilliant. It’s partly because established venues like the Frog and Bucket and XS Malarkey give a chance to local talent which isn’t the case everywhere.

Is there anyone we should look out for?

Yes loads of people! Check out Dan Tiernan who recently won the BBC New Comedy Award and Michael Mannion who is really funny and should get more attention.

Also check out some of the more established comedians like Mick Ferry and Danny McLoughlin who are just brilliant!

What do you like most about performing in the city?

Being part of the cultural history. It might sound dramatic but Manchester has such an incredible history of art, sport and activism that anyone taking part in that stuff is really lucky.

When can we see you perform?

It’s a while away but I will be doing my show “Longsight” in Manchester. Keep an eye out for that or follow me on social media to keep updated.

Michael Mannion

Where are you from?

I half grew in the countryside near Macclesfield in Cheshire and half in Withington. Split custody, what a carbon footprint.

How did you get into stand up?

I got into comedy because Id always watched it from a young age and I did a short course to get me going. It was a weekend thing and we had a showcase on the Sunday.

I did three minutes of stand-up that Ill never repeat again, to a very polite group of people all of whom were friends and family of the other people on the course.

Best experience so far?

The best experience so far was doing a live podcast as part of Vault Festival.

It was for Part Time Freaks which I run with Molly McGuinness and Erika Ehler.

It was really fun, it was like doing a work in progress show but with your friends on stage. Like and subscribe. New levels of self loathing.

What do you think of Manchester’s comedy scene?

The scene up here is great, theres so many opportunities to get up to do some jokes or even set up your own night.

It’s really supportive and there are lots of good eggs at all the different levels.

The scene feels really cohesive and post covid there was a real boom of great weekly shows.

We lost the comedy store as a venue but the city has recalibrated to keep supply up.

The only thing we need now is a big Manchester Comedy Festival..

Is there anyone we should look out for?

There’s a long list of people for this but at the newer end Id say Connor Mac and Kim Smith.

They did Roast at the Oaks a couple of months ago and they both have incredible writing and delivery.

From my comedy school year Id say Jordan Ducharme, my brash Canadian bro.

Karl Porter is something else, like most of his set is physical acts out, there isn’t anyone else like him coming up.

I’d also say Ben Silver and James Heath who I did the World Series with pre-covid. Also, Eddie Fortune, Molly McGuiness and Silham Shazad.

All good eggs.

What do you like most about performing in the city?

Generally the North West has a really good appetite for comedy so there are lots of gigs around Greater Manchester and further a field that help you make a living.

There’s also so many kinds of audiences, the whole area is a melting pot of people, it can really put you through your paces for the kind of material you create.

We have the plus of working in a large metropolitan city but we don’t have the drawback of working in a bubble.

Where can we see you perform?

I run a show on the first and last Thursday of the month at The Fitzgerald.

It’s called Comedy for Hot People, come on down and declare yourself a hottie.

Next one is on April 6th with Sophie Galustian from Everyone Else Burns.

Molly McGuiness

Where are you from?

I’m from Manchester!

How did you get into stand up?

I got into comedy after going through a bad break up. I got a real urge to just do the things I always wanted to do but was to scared to do.

My first open mic was terrible. I got wasted and tried to run away before. My friends had to drag me on the stage.

I overshared in the least funniest way possible but I got such a buzz from it and it gave me the push to keep on going and try and do it not as hammered and with actual jokes.

Best experience so far?

My best experience was doing Joe Lycett and Friends are the Birmingham REC. It was the first big theatre gig I ever did and Joe was so supportive. Loved every minute of it.

What do you think of Manchester’s comedy scene?

The Manchester comedy scene is great! The best place to be for a up and coming comedian for sure.

So many people are so supportive and Im really lucky to be around such good eggs.

Is there anyone we should look out for?

There’s so many! Justina Seselskaite, Tegan Marlow, Jordan Ducharme and Ben Silver are great comics that are doing great things right now.

What do you like most about performing in the city?

That it’s easy to get home and Im always near a good pub.

When can we see you perform?

I’m playing at the Frog and Bucket on Thursday 27th of April with Aurie Styla and Bobby Mair.

You can get tickets by clicking here.

Hannah Platt

Where are you from?

I’m from Liverpool originally but I now live in Chorlton. I’ve come out to my family as gay and a comedian – moving 40 minutes up the road was the only point I thought I might get disowned.

Tell us how you got into comedy

Ive always loved comedy but was too scared to do it, so went the obvious route of becoming a burlesque dancer – because being naked is a lot less terrifying than someone not laughing at your jokes.

Then when I got dumped, kicked out my flat and was sleeping on my friends sofa I was like, I have nothing else to lose!

I think my friends all rallied around to laugh very loudly so I didnt off myself, and that false sense of security got me going.

When you feel isolated and youre the only person feeling a certain way, talking about it and getting a laugh of recognition makes you feel less alone.

Best experience so far?

I supported Kiri Pritchard-McClean on her most recent tour which was a dream – every night sold out theatres full of comedy fans in sequins up for a good time. I loved it.

What do you think of Manchester’s comedy scene?

I like how varied it is – theres no specific style or voice, as a punter and as an act you wont watch a mixed bill show and feel like youre watching the same kind of act the whole night.

Everyone has different outlooks and influences which makes it interesting.

Is there anyone we should look our for?

I did a gig the other week with Jack McLean who Id not seen before, thought he was ace, really fun to watch.

One of my favourite comedians, Michael J Dolan, has come out of hiatus/retirement and has started gigging again, which is great but also annoying when people realise oh, THAT’S whats she’s trying to do!.

Justina Seselskaite is also very funny.

What do you like most about performing in the City?

I think I get an extra five minutes grace period that I might not have with a northern accent? There’s lots of gigs, lots of variety, no two gigs are the same.

Where can we see you perform?

On 4th may I’m doing a free work in progress of my show at fierce bar with Eric Rushton, and 11th June another free WIP at Gullivers with Jonny Pelham. Both very talented boys who have won things and been on tv, and I will also be there.

Dan Tiernan 

Where are you from?


Tell us how you got into comedy?

I’ve been obsessed with comedy ever since I can remember but it’s hard to do as a child, so I was a magician from 12 – 18!

Then, when I was 20 I did a course at the Frog and Bucket Comedy Club.

Best experience so far?

Has to be supporting Micky Flanagan at the O2 Apollo

What do you think of Manchester’s comedy scene?

Manchester comedy scene is incredible, and I personally think it’s the best place in the UK to start comedy. There’s loads of gigs, and everyone is really friendly.

Although it’s been improving a bit over the years, lots of the industry is still in London, so for things like TV opportunities you have to be prepared to travel down a fair bit.

Is there anyone we should look out for?

Manchester has lots of comics you should look out for, far too many to name but if I had to some of my favourite Mancunian comics based here are Ben Silver, Molly McGuiness and Jamie Hutchinson.

What do you like most about performing in the City?

Manchester is full of great venues and interesting people.

This combo makes for really brilliant comedy shows.

Where can we see you perform?

I’ve got some previews for my Edinburgh Debut. I’ll be at A Lovely Time in Manchester on the 19th April.

Then I’ll be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August with my debut show ‘Going Under’ at the Monkey Barrel 31st July – 27th August, 22:00

You can get tickets by clicking here 

You can catch Dan on Instagram at @tiernancomedian or on Twitter: @tiernancomedian


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