Manchester’s Javeno is inspiring people worldwide with his unique approach to health and fitness

Manchester's Javeno Mclean has been inspiring people worldwide as his videos working with people with disabilities have touched the hearts of many

Javeno McClean operates a very special and unique gym in Manchester, but ironically, he has always hated gyms.

He is using fitness as a way to empower people with disabilities to push themselves to believe they are more than their disability.

On his Instagram, which you can see by clicking here, people have been inspired and moved by his videos with clients and his unique style of motivation to get the best out of them.

Javeno set up J7 Community health centre in Blakely, North Manchester as a hub for his work.

He says the centre is a culmination of a 15-year-old dream.

Javeno said: “I just remember having a beautiful vision in my mum’s kitchen 15 years ago to set up J7. I was working for the council at the time, but always had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do.

“About six years ago my son was born so I decided to make it a reality.

Javeno said that he had always hated gyms, and that his mission was to try and re-define what what gyms are.

“I hated the way gyms made you feel. For someone like me who does weights – I felt intimidated in those environments – so god knows what your mum or auntie feels like in them.

“Most gyms seem to be all about egos and insecurities. But not at J7, we strip all that back and make everyone feel comfortable with something they can work on.

“I wanted to create this place where the entire family would have something they can do whether it be mum, dad, the cat or dog, nan or grandpa, your auntie or neighbour.

“Whoever you are, there will be something for you to do here.”

Stroke survivors, people with cancer, dementia and down syndrome are all welcomed at J7 where Javeno will put together a unique session based on their ability and what the can do, not what they can’t do.

The videos have gone viral and the whole world are enjoying the energy, passion and compassion Javeno puts into time with his clients.

You can visibly see them enjoying the routines, and even the hardest heart would fail to be moved by them.

He said that it took him seeing a disabled person being treated condescendingly and disrespectfully by a personal trainer for him to get involved.

“I remember seeing a PT with a guy in a wheelchair just making him do really condescending stuff really. They both looked bored ouf of their minds.

“When the PT went out for a break, the guy got out of the chair and started trying things himself much harder than what the PT was doing.”

“Seeing this knocked me sick. It was patronising the things they were asking him to do. This man had lost his power. I walked into the room to speak to him and said – what’s going on here why have you been sat down for the last 40 minutes. Why aren’t you pushing yourself?

“I said if you can get out of the chair, get out of your chair. If you can lift more than what you’re lifting you should do it.”

When the other PT came back, Javeno asked him if he could take the rest of the session.

He absolutely loved the session , and it was was the moment he discovered that it was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Javeno said: “I’ll never forget the conversation I had with their parents afterwards. I told the guy doing the session that he shouldn’t ever let anybody tell you that your wheelchair defines you. Don’t let anyone be condescending to you – we’ll work together and do something great.

“I said to him there are so many more slices to your cake than that. We all ended up crying and I remember his parents saying all we’ve ever wanted was for our child to be treated like he was normal. Not to be talked down to. To be pulled up.

“They said I was the first person to tell him that he could do anything put his mind to.”

You can visit the J7 Community Centre website by clicking here.

Since Javeno’s videos have gone viral across the world, he said he gets sent 100s of messages and videos of people trying his workout techniques.

“I’ve been getting 100s of messages from people around the world asking for advice. A lot of the time it’s people replicating the videos I put up.

“Off the top of my head I’ve had messages from Mexico, Uganda and Ukraine. They send videos back of people copying my videos. It’s amazing and one of the most beautiful and empowering things in the world.

I’ve never charged anyone for the 21 years I’ve been working with disabled people. Seeing the videos and people’s reaction is my payment.

“It’s beautiful.”

Javeno told I LOVE MCR the key to making it work was getting to know the client, and to also share his personal life with them.

He said this helped to bring trust.

“I want to be friends with the people I work with. If I don’t know the ins and outs of their lives and story, and they don’t know the ins and outs of mine – we can’t build that relationship.

“You need that trust sometimes when I ask them to push themselves and do something crazy! They need to know that it comes from a good place in my heart and desire to see them smashing it.”

Javeno has been on his own journey learning about different disabilities and what affects different kinds of people

“Every disability is different but I’ve never cared about what people can’t do. It’s what they can do that interests me. I don’t care if people have wheelchairs, sticks and frames. It’s my job to find out what you can do. Every session I want to show my client and friend that they can do something they never thought possible.

“I promise you, whatever you’re you’ve got going on; be it a cancer survivor, stroke survivor, dementia, disabilities, down syndrome, depression. Give me half an hour and I’ll make you enjoy the time and smile and forget whatever dark stuff you’re going through. I’ve never failed so far and I don’t plan to either!

“I want to give people some laughs, enjoyment, I think this is my gift. I can get people out of what they are going through with my passion, exercise, I realised ten years ago I do this better than anyone else on this planet.”






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