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Why Manchester being named the European Capital of Cycling should matter to you

Will this historic win unlock Manchester's cycling potential?

In a groundbreaking victory, Manchester secured the prestigious ACES European Capital of Cycling title for 2024, setting the stage for a transformative year in the city’s cycling scene.

This recognises Manchester’s commitment to advancing its cycling infrastructure but also positions the city as a global leader in the cycling movement.

As Manchester gears up for its Year of Cycling, this achievement promises transformative impacts on community engagement, economic growth, and the development of future cycling stars, making it a monumental milestone in the city’s journey toward becoming a premier cycling destination.

Manchester is already home to brilliant cycling initiatives, like the ‘cycling for all’ project in Levenshulme, and Simply Cycling.

So now we’re set to be the European Capital of Cycling, isn’t it time you got back on your bike?

Boost to Cycling Infrastructure and Investment

The ACES European Capital of Cycling accolade is poised to act as a catalyst for increased investment in cycling infrastructure throughout Manchester.

With the city already showcasing notable cycling assets, such as the National Cycling Centre and an expanding network of cycleways, the recognition reinforces Manchester’s commitment to becoming a premier cycling destination.

This influx of investment is expected to further enhance cycling amenities, making it even more accessible for residents and visitors alike.

Collaborative Efforts Propel Manchester to Victory

The success story behind Manchester’s triumph involves a collaborative effort from key partners and agencies, including British Cycling, Marketing Manchester, Cycling UK, Mcr Active, TfGM, and the voluntary sector.

This joint commitment underscores the city’s dedication to advancing the cycling movement.

Showcasing Manchester: A Cycling Hub in the Making

Before the final decision, Manchester hosted a delegation from ACES, showcasing its world-class cycling infrastructure, including the renowned National Cycling Centre and an extensive network of new cycleways.

The city’s track record in hosting major global cycling events solidified its position as the ideal choice for the European Capital of Cycling.

Community Engagement and Participation

The recognition as the European Capital of Cycling is expected to inspire heightened community engagement and participation in cycling initiatives.

With a dedicated focus on the “Pedal More in ’24” ethos, the city aims to encourage residents of all ages to embrace cycling as a mode of transport, exercise, and recreation. Initiatives to establish local cycling clubs and improve cycling accessibility for everyone will likely lead to a more active and engaged community.

What to Expect in Manchester’s Year of Cycling

As Manchester looks ahead to 2024, exciting developments are on the horizon.

Detailed information about upcoming events, community involvement opportunities, initiatives to establish local cycling clubs, and strategies to enhance cycling accessibility for all will be unveiled in the new year.

The city’s commitment to the “Pedal More in ’24” ethos will also play a pivotal role in inspiring the next generation of British cycling talent.

Stay Tuned: Dedicated Website Launching in January 2024

To keep the public informed and engaged, a dedicated website is set to launch in January 2024.

This platform will serve as a hub for comprehensive information on upcoming events and opportunities for involvement.

Councillor John Hacking encourages everyone to mark their calendars for the launch date.

Voices of Support: Acknowledgment from Key Figures

Key figures, including Gian F. Lupattelli, President and Founder of ACES Europe, British Cycling CEO Jon Dutton, and Greater Manchester’s Active Travel Commissioner, Dame Sarah Storey, express their support and anticipation.

They highlight Manchester’s commitment to cycling and its potential to inspire future candidates vying for the ACES European Capital of Cycling title.

A Huge Opportunity for Manchester

The Year of Cycling presents an opportunity for Manchester to nurture the next generation of British cycling talent.

With a commitment to inspiring youngsters and introducing them to the possibilities of cycling, the city aims to play a pivotal role in the development of future cycling stars.

This focus on talent development aligns with the broader goal of fostering a cycling culture that extends beyond recreational activities to professional pursuits.

Manchester’s Pledge: Leading Conversations on Cycling

Councillor John Hacking, Executive Member for Skills, Employment, and Leisure at Manchester City Council, expresses his excitement, stating, “I’m absolutely thrilled that Manchester was chosen as the ACES European Capital of Cycling for 2024. This recognition signals our city’s commitment to leading conversations on cycling and its pivotal role in Manchester’s future.”

Positioning Manchester as a Cycling Hub

As Manchester gears up for its Year of Cycling, the city aims to set an example for future candidates vying for the ACES European Capital of Cycling title.

Manchester is poised to become a cycling hub, a beacon for the future of cycling, and a source of inspiration for cities worldwide.

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