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Our purpose is to enable a world to do more with less. We are creative. We come up with better and smarter ways to do things. We think bigger and make a positive impact. We are proud to be driving a car sharing revolution that is better for our planet.

We make car sharing in Manchester fast, easy and convenient. Did you know that cars are only used for 4% of their entire lifespan? With vehicles sitting idle on almost every corner, that’s a lot of wasted time and space. You can make your car work for you and earn extra income by renting it out to members of the Manchester community when not in use.

If more people start car sharing in Manchester, less vehicles need to be purchased. This reduces the overall number of cars on the busy streets of Manchester, reduces pollution and helps build a more sustainable future.

At Karshare, we see a new future where owning cars is seen as a choice, not a necessity. A future where neighbours share cars, just like they do parks, roads and schools.

With an unbeatable combination of local people and the finest technology, everybody is welcome to join the Manchester car sharing community.

Share your car
For a sustainable future, rent out your car to members of your community and make money from home. Earn up to £550 per month.

Rent a car
Rent a car now from members of your community. Quick, hassle-free car rental and no face to face key exchange.

  • Car sharing helps communities and protects the environment by reducing emissions.
  • Thanks to our KarshareGo technology, car collections take place via our app.
  • With insurance, breakdown and renter behaviour tracking, your car is fully covered.
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