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Let your business take flight with Aeroflair

This Manchester company is the place to turn for the most advanced drone technology currently available

Whether for work or pleasure, there’s nothing quite like flying a drone. And innovative Manchester company Aeroflair is exactly the place to turn for the most advanced drone technology currently available. 

Formerly known as Phantom Drone Media, the company has rebranded with a more dynamic name to showcase exactly how fresh and exciting this tech can be.

In a few short years, drones have become one of the most dazzling pieces of modern must-try tech. But what exactly are they? 

Put simply, drones are small, unmanned aircrafts operated by remote control, giving access to places and viewpoints previously thought impossible. You may have seen them in the news or know someone who flies one as a hobby. 

What you might not know is that alongside being a whole lot of fun, drones can give your business a truly competitive edge – and Aeroflair have the expert knowledge and equipment to make this happen.   

Camera-equipped drones can be used to produce amazing creative content. 

Want an impressive aerial photograph of your new office building? What about a fly-by video of that villa you’re renting out? Or perhaps you want aerial footage for a music video, computer game or advertisement? 

Film and television production companies will have a host of ideas to give their content that killer edge. 

Drones can also be programmed to broadcast holograms and perform tricks and stunts at festivals or other events, using the sky as a marketing canvas that literally everyone sees. 

And being small and unmanned, they’re obviously much more affordable than a conventional aircraft. 

You might not be ready to book in a jet fighter flyover, but drones can offer a wealth of creative solutions at a great price point. 

Whatever your ideas, Aeroflair is in the right position to work with you and apply their expertise.    

And if you’re in the real estate business, residential or commercial, you’ll know that property inspections can be costly and arduous. 

For example, rooftops traditionally require at least one man, a ladder and plenty of safety legislation. 

Aeroflair offer a new way of doing things, using a camera-equipped drone to inspect the outside of a building, capturing razor sharp hi-definition images and video. 

You’ll instantly see if there are structural defects and assess accurately what kind of work needs doing, without paying someone to go up there manually. 

This is also useful for landscape gardening and construction, where you may want to see the estate from above.    

For those in the entertainment industry – and for those who like being entertained – Aeroflair offer some truly unique ‘DJI FPV’ experiences. 

This means you put on a special headset and see exactly what the drone sees as you control it. It’s like being up in the air, except a lot safer and cheaper. 

It makes a great birthday gift or school trip and really adds something dramatic and memorable to social functions like weddings and corporate events.  

So whether you’re looking for creative content, surveillance and inspection, or one of a kind entertainment opportunities, Aeroflair is the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things drone related. 

Their specialist staff will let you know all the things drones can do to help your business and how to make your wildest airborne dreams a reality. 

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