I Love MCR® commits to using sustainable fabric for Manchester merch


I Love MCR® has shipped thousands of items of clothing, merchandise, gifts and souvenirs  all over the world including Europe, America, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.

While the busy bees at I Love MCR® continue to post merchandise all over the world, the iconic city brand has committed to something far more incendiary – what it can do to reduce the environmental impact of fashion.

Manchester has an important textile and fashion history. It was once the centre of the world’s cotton industry.

Dubbed Cottonopolis, in 1871 a staggering 32% of global cotton production took place right here in Greater Manchester, with the city importing up to a billion tonnes of raw cotton each year.

Organic clothing is important for a sustainable future because cheap clothing is made for mass market retailers and – because fast fashion fabrics are not reusable and the clothes are only worn once – a shed load of clothing is either burnt or buried in landfill every day.

Organic cotton is 100% reusable and kind. It’s made with rain water, co planting, insect traps and a special ingredient…cow poo. This leads to a quality extra soft fabric and wastage material is reused for cow food or drinking water.

I Love MCR® organic clothing is made in a clean and modern factory, powered by solar and wind farm renewable energy.

Real-time printing using lower impact inks means there’s no harmful waste. It’s even designed to be sent back to us when it’s worn out to be reused to make new clothing. It’s a circle of life.

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. So instead of plastic packaging, I Love MCR® uses rip and splash-proof paper made from recycled organic offcuts.

“It’s our duty to ensure we’re creating and selling responsible products,” said I Love MCR® chief executive Chris Greenhalgh, “to ensure a brighter future for not only Manchester, but for each and every country we send our products to.

“We are highly focused on making sure our clothing merch is made in a responsible, sustainable way that limits the impact on the environment. It’s an important message to send out on behalf of Manchester.”

Declare your love for Manchester as well as the planet: buy organic. Rapid delivery, easy returns and certified organic. What’s more, 10% of profits from every garment sold is donated to our partner beneficiary the We Love MCR Charity to help improve the lives and life chances of the people of Manchester.



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