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“Like eating molten lava!” Could you handle the hottest curry in Manchester?

Zouk Tea Bar and Grill in Manchester invite you to try the 'hottest curry in the world' as part of their annual Chilli Challenge
The hottest curry in Manchester

Manchester institution Zouk are inviting anyone who thinks they are tough enough to take on not just the hottest curry in Manchester, but the hottest curry in the world. 

The dish is available as a special from Monday 19th of February to to Friday the 23rd.

As part of the spicy celebrations, Zouk will also be hosting their annual Chilli Challenge on Tuesday 23rd, to celebrate National Chilli Day.

Brave diners can take on dishes featuring the Carolina reaper, which currently holds the Guinness Book of Records title of World’s Hottest Chilli. 

The hottest curry in Manchester

To give this some context, chillis are measured by the Scoville scale to determine their spice level.

Pharmacologist Wilbur Scoville invented the scale in 1912 to measure the pungency of peppers and chillies, generally related to their capsaicin content.

The hottest curry in Manchester

Jalapenos come in at around 2,500-8000 Scoville Heat Units on the scale, with cayenne peppers at around 50,000.

Bird’s eye chillis measure a mighty 100,000 and habaneros 150,000, with the ghost pepper hitting 800,oRamping things up, bird’s eye chillis measure a tricky 100,000.

Ghost pepper sit just short of a million at 800,000, not to be sniffed at.

Into dangerous territory now, the Naga Viper weighs in at a heavy 1,200,000.

But these all pale in comparison to the formidable Carolina reaper, which was cultivated by South Carolina’s smokin’ Ed Currie and scores up to a massive 2,200,000 on the Scoville scale.

Is this the hottest curry in the world?

Red and gnarled with a bumpy texture and small pointed tail, it’s officially the World’s Hottest Pepper as ranked by Guinness Book of World Records, and has been described as “kind of like eating molten lava”.

Speaking to I Love Manchester, owner Tayub Amjad said: ‘The Carolina reaper is a chilli that packs a serious punch.

“Manchester has some real chilli lovers out there and every year we are amazed by how many people want to take on the reaper!

“This year we have three dishes for diners to try.”

“These include the chicken karahi reaper curry, the veg karahi reaper curry, and the new reaper seekh kebab.

“Anyone bold enough to complete their dish will get it for free and there’s a range of prizes to come back and enjoy at a later date.

“But be warned, this is seriously hot food and you must read and sign a disclaimer to ensure you understand what you are taking on.”

The hottest curry in Manchester

If you are wondering what on earth would make someone try the Carolina karahi the restaurant says there are just some people who love the heat and seem to be less sensitive to such a hot chilli.

There is also an incentive to give it a try because if you beat the Reaper by completing the dish, there is a range of prizes to claim.

After some deliberation at the restaurant, Zouk decided that they would use the chicken karahi and vegetable karahi to feature the Carolina Reaper. 

The hottest curry in Manchester

The dish is from the North West region of Pakistan, and is much loved across the world. 

It is usually prepared in a wok and cooked over hot flames with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, peppercorns, and cumin forming the sauce base.

A karahi can be cooked with chicken, lamb, seafood, or vegetables but the Carolina reaper karahi Zouk uses chicken or veg.

The curry includes dried Carolina reapers deemed (just about) suitable for human consumption.

Zouk’s chefs even struggle with the heat a little when preparing the dish, and the team at Zouk believe it to be the World’s hottest curry and the world’s hottest Seekh kebab.

You can win these great prizes

For one day only, National Chilli Day on the 22nd of February – you can win some amazing prizes if you complete these spicy dishes.

So if you think you can handle the heat, here’s what you could win. 

Complete the reaper seekh kebab and win a £10 gift Card*

Complete the reaper curry (either chicken or veg) and win a brunch for 2 (worth £70)*

Complete both and win Sunday roast platter for 2 plus drinks (worth £100)***

Tayub continued: “Our food is usually more about flavour than heat but it’s National Chilli Day, and we know our customers love this challenge.

“For those who complete the challenge we have got the offer of a chance to come back and dine on us at a future date. So, you will still get to experience the real Zouk too.

“Plus, for anybody who manages to finish the reaper dishes, there is a free ice cream sundae to revive their tastebuds and their reaper is on us too.”

Fire extinguishers at the ready! 

Those wishing to try the curry should make a reservation for 23 rd February and if possible, add a note to the booking saying ‘Reaper Challenge’ as quantities of the dish will be limited.

Anybody who completes the entire portion of Carolina reaper karahi or reaper kebab will win a prize to be enjoyed at a later date – please see full terms & conditions below*.

They will also get their reaper free and a Zouk Ice Cream Sundae on the house to help them cool down.

There is also a special chilli margarita cocktail (£11) to enjoy all week as part of the chilli day celebrations, but this uses a milder chilli than the reaper to make it palatable for all.

If you’d like to book a table at Zouk to try the hottest curry in Manchester – click here

Chilli Challenge terms and conditions

*The £10 gift card prize can be used on any date except the date they complete the challenge.

It may redeemed against any food or drink items purchased on subsequent visits to Zouk restaurant.

There is no cash alternative and winners have 6 months to use their vouchers.

They must complete the full portion of Reaper Kebab with no assistance from their fellow diners.

 **The Brunch for 2 prizes must be redeemed on Saturdays only.

There is no cash alternative and winners have 6 months to claim their prize. They must complete the full portion of reaper curry with no assistance from their fellow diners.

 ***The Sunday Platter for 2 prize must be redeemed on Sundays only.  There is no cash alternative and winners have 6 months to claim their prize.

They must complete the full portion of reaper curry and a full portion of reaper kebab with no assistance from their fellow diners.

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