We all know someone who’s a fussy eater. They’re everywhere. Maybe you’re one of them.

Whilst being a fussy eater is acceptable when you’re little, as we get older it becomes more and more frowned upon.

From losing out on dinner party invitations to feeling limited with your dining out options, being particular with your eating habits can become a bit of a pain if you don’t know where to go without getting a dirty side-eye from your waiter when you ask for a modified dish.

But there’s one place in Manchester that thrives on fussy eaters. Vapiano, the casual Italian eatery in the Corn Exchange, not only offers up a gorgeous and airy dining space in which to enjoy a light lunch or evening meal.

Fussy eaters will love this Italian eatery in the Corn Exchange Manchester I Love Manchester

It also specialises in cooking food to order in a way that we just don’t usually see here in this country.

On arrival, you receive a plastic card which you use to place your order directly with the chefs. There are no servers here. You just pick your station – pasta, pizza or salad – and tell the chef what you want.

Once your dish is ready, a buzzer will let you know it’s time to collect your food. You can even stand and watch them cook it right in front of you so you know it’s made exactly to your liking. Or you can ask for extras or for an ingredient that doesn’t tickle your fancy to be left out altogether.

Fussy eaters will love this Italian eatery in the Corn Exchange Manchester I Love Manchester

So if you want the carbonara but don’t want bacon – no problem. If you want the bolognese but want mushrooms in it, they’ll add them. It’s completely bespoke to you and your individual tastes. Perfetto!

Garlic and chilli is never added to a dish unless you say you want it, to avoid any issues  with intolerances (or simply saving you from classic, kiss-destroying garlic breath).

They are sensitive to other dietary requirements, too.

And because they cook everything from scratch, you don’t have to worry about the ingredients and can enjoy your meal stress-free. Sound up your street? Why not give it a go? Bookings are only necessary for groups of ten or more.

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