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Now you can indulge in premium dining, fire shows and gold steaks in Manchester

If you're on the hunt for an extraordinary dining adventure that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further than Etçi Mehmet Steak House

This place may be a hidden gem, but it deserves the spotlight.

My recent visit to Etçi Mehmet was a culinary and theatrical rollercoaster.

So if you’re looking for a fun night out with great food, this could well be the place for you.

I ventured into Etçi Mehmet Steak House with friends on a bustling Friday night, and from the moment we stepped through the doors, we knew we were in for something special.

The welcoming, charismatic staff and the tantalizing aroma of grilling meat set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

As a warning though, the restaurant was full (always a good sign) so be sure to book your tables nice and early so you don’t have to wait.

There’s a reason this team are number one rated on Tripadvisor for Manchester Steakhouses, and is one of the favourite restaurants of celebrities and the city’s footballing stars too.

What’s on the Menu at Etçi Mehmet?

Let’s get straight to the meat of the matter, the food.

Etçi Mehmet Steak House boasts an impressive selection of steaks and meat dishes, but it’s not just the variety that sets it apart; it’s the sheer quality and artistry that go into every plate.

We kicked off proceedings with the beautiful Etçi Special Platter, with a delicious selection of halloumi, smoked Turkish sausage, Cacik, hummus and baba ganoush served with Turkish bread.

Another superb appetiser not to miss was Etçi’s Beef Sushi, a delicious deep-fried beef maki roll with wasabi mayonnaise, teriyaki, crispy garlic and spring onion.

Etçi’s Beef Sushi is a delightful appetiser that combines the best of Turkish and Japanese influences to create a unique and memorable flavour experience.

The star of this dish is the deep-fried beef maki roll, where thinly sliced, tender beef wraps around a medley of delectable ingredients.

Delightful stuff. 

But we were all looking forward to the stars of the show at Etçi and their amazing meat.

There’s a reason they are rated one of the best Steakhouses in Manchester, and that’s because of the incredible quality and selection of their meat.

While Etçi Mehmet do not serve alcohol, they have a fantastic range of mocktails to choose from.

They’ve got your classics llike Mojito’s, Daqiri’s and also Etci’s own curated mocktails.

Maybe you’re concerned about there being no alcohol on offer?

There’s no need. The experience,  fire show and incredible food are more than enough for a vibrant evening of entertainment.

Etçi’s Special Steak

Next up, Etçi’s Special Steak, The Show Stopper.

And this was a rare treat, the flavour was simply outstanding.

The special steak consists of thinly sliced beef medallions cooked in clarified butter, served with delicious fresh Turkish bread, rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes and topped with parmesan cheese.

The meat is blowtorched in front of you so it’s a great temperature and cooked beautifully, adding to the pyrotechnic show from the incredible staff performing fire skills that would not be out of place at a show.

The meat in Etçi’s Special Steak is a true testament to quality and precision.

They use only dry-aged, finest cuts of beef available to ensure you savour every mouthful.

Each thinly sliced beef medallion is a showcase of premium meat, carefully selected and expertly prepared to ensure a remarkable dining experience.

The beef, undoubtedly the star of the dish, is tender, with a buttery melt-in-your-mouth quality that comes from being cooked to perfection.

It’s delicately marbled, allowing for a sublime balance between lean and rich, which contributes to the meat’s exceptional tenderness and depth of flavour.

We were shown some of the staff’s more excellent showmanship as the charismatic BABA delivered the delicious spicy giant meatball, handcrafted to Etçi’s special recipe, loaded with delightful stretchy cheese.

BABA, the charismatic face of the Etçi Mehmet brand, is the driving force behind the restaurant’s unique and unforgettable dining experience.

With his mesmerising fire shows, quick-witted humour, and all-encompassing entertainment, BABA ensures that every guest is not only well-fed but thoroughly entertained throughout their visit.

Best of all, the fire shows are on seven nights a week, so you don’t need to wait till the weekend to have a fabulous time.

His magnetic presence fosters an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie, where guests from all walks of life come together to savour their meals and create lasting memories.

We were also treated to the delicious beef asado.

Slow-cooked for over eight hours and served over Turkish bread, salad and rice, this was simply divine.

Melting in your mouth and falling apart at the touch of a fork, this was a superb dish.

In amongst this carnivore’s paradise was a delicious Etçi’s Special salad, with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, walnuts, and sultanas, with mixed leaf salad and house dressing.

Because you’ve got to have something healthy in amongst all this fabulous meat. 

This salad is a melange of sweet, savoury, and tangy notes that come together to create a refreshing and satisfying dish.

The goat cheese, with its creamy and slightly tangy profile, adds a rich and luscious dimension to the salad.

It offers a delightful contrast to the vibrant sweetness of the pomegranate, creating a perfect balance of flavours.

Going for Gold

The pièce de résistance at Etçi Mehmet Steak House is undeniably the GOLD MENU, a lavish culinary experience that caters to luxury enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary dining adventure.

They are offering a range of steaks (New York, Dallas, Tomahawk) and other dishes covered in 24-carat gold, for the ultimate in opulence.

But it’s not just about presentation; the on-table cooking adds an element of theatre to your meal, engaging all your senses in a truly immersive journey.

The Atmosphere

Honestly, the atmosphere of the place was buzzing, with amazingly talented staff sizzling up spectacular steak with a pyrotechnic show thrown in for food measure.

Etçi Mehmet Steak House offers more than just a remarkable dining experience; it’s a vibrant celebration that can brighten even the dreariest workweek.

The restaurant exudes a buzzing atmosphere, complete with an exceptionally talented staff who not only serve up mouthwatering steaks but also put on a pyrotechnic show to dazzle and entertain.

Don’t just take our word for it, as they have just scooped the Northern Enterprise Awards 2023 for Best Turkish Steakhouse in the North West.

Whether you’re planning a night out with friends or a romantic date night, Etçi Mehmet is the perfect choice.

What truly sets Etçi Mehmet apart is its unique style of entertainment, making each visit a thrilling journey that leaves guests in awe and eager to book a return table.

They also cater to a diverse audience.

It’s an ideal spot for a relaxed mid-week meal, with lunch service starting at 12 p.m.

Families are more than welcome, as the restaurant is friendly and offers a warm and inviting environment for kids.

If you’re a student, you’re in luck – they provide a generous 20% discount on weekdays until 5 p.m.

For tourists exploring Manchester, an Etçi experience is an absolute must, ensuring that your visit to the city is truly memorable.

In short, Etçi Mehmet Steak House delivers a premium dining experience coupled with entertainment that will leave you craving more.

Reserve your table online by clicking here or call  0161 228 3158 and follow on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest events and offers.

You can find them at Unit 4, The Quadrangle, Chester St, Manchester M1 5QS

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