Blossom Street Social has brought brilliant Brazilian food to Ancoats

With the majority of the menu costing £10 or less, the Sao Paolo pop-up is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends

The Sao Paolo project is the apparent key to a successful debut. 

Only a few months ago, chef Caroline Martins was the first pop-up for Manchester Union Brewery’s supper club

Fast forward to 2022, and Blossom Street Social have brought her and her Sao Paulo project into their cosy Ancoats kitchen to show how accessible creativity and passion can be in food. 

This is the second residency at Blossom Street Social, and is setting the bar for 2022 in a spectacular way. 

The residency structure allows for guests to bring their own equipment and make the most of their time and space there, and Caroline has taken this opportunity to produce a menu that puts a unique twist on Brazilian food and share it with Manchester. 

When you think ‘Brazilian’, what do you think? Do you think heart-of-palm? Do you think of cassava? Do you jump to goiabada? If not, you will after visiting this pop-up kitchen, which will be around for three months.

Available individually, Caroline has a selection of dishes ranging from a classic cheese platter, to her stunning Romeu and Julieta dessert.

While developing these, she used an infusion of Brazilian acaica honey that ended up becoming the core ingredient of a cocktail featuring Mancunian gin and Norfolk lavender. 

The beauty of her creations, aside from being as Instagram-friendly as possible, is that they are not foods that are special because they are Brazilian. Rather, they are special and Brazilian. 

What does that mean? It means that each plate is amazing in and of itself. 

If you weren’t told that the brioche rolls served with a beef fat ‘candle’ had calabresa in them, you would never realise the Brazilian twist on them. If you hadn’t heard that the cheese selection was served with cassava starch biscuits, you would simply be curious about how the idea came about. 

When you bite into the rich guava parfait of the Romeu and Julieta, you aren’t be thinking about how it is a popular dessert in many Portugese-speaking countries. Instead, you wonder how you can get some more. 

That is to say, Caroline’s menu is proof that you can create culturally nuanced plates that will have people craving more and organically wondering about the origin. 

Head on over to Blossom Street Social to try one of her specialities before the queue gets too long. In less than a week since their launch, Sao Paulo project have sold out on more than one occasion.

With the majority of the menu costing £10 or less, this is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends. 

In addition to the food, Blossom Street Social’s emphasis on ensuring guests enjoy themselves mean that your wine pairing options are endless.

Rather than focusing on regions or assumptions, they will happily share the perfect glass for you to enjoy given your own personal flavour preferences. 


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