Where to get a haircut in Manchester that will change your life


Hair is no laughing matter. It’s make or break these days. A bad hair day is reason enough to spend the week sporting a beanie, cancel a date and even call sick for work. We’ve all endured a straightener fry up, a bad dye job and walking into hairdresser asking for a little trim and walking out looking like Britney Spears in 2007. Manchester has no shortage of lock spots but sometimes we deserve the best treatment in the most capable hands.

Here’s a fabulous fact for you. According to a new study into the spending habits of UK consumers by hair and beauty salon business insurance provider SME Insurance Services,  people living in Manchester spend approximately £142.42 each on average per year at the hairdressers – 21% more than the national average of £118.12. That works out at around £46,571 over the course of a lifetime – more than the average deposit on a house for a first time buyer.

So if we’re going to dish out our hard earned cash, we better make sure it’s worth our while. Whether you want to make the ‘new year new me’ drastic move, the relationship break-up colour change or just fancy a bit of a trim, these places will transform your ‘do into something certainly worth selfie-ing.

Here are the best places in Manchester to get your hair done right, starting with our favourite.

Sassoon Salon: the best of the best

As soon as you walk in, you know it’s going to be a good hair day. Master stylist Isobel Hinks certainly knows her way around a pair of scissors and has creative flair like I’ve never seen. As soon as you sit down you’ll be welcomed with a cup of whatever you like (I went for a fruity tea) and shown to either the cutting chair or over to the sinks for your rinse and head massage. The salon has loads of awards so you know you’re in good hands. Sassoon’s signature is precise creative cuts and a natural sultry finish. I’ve never been anywhere so professional and couldn’t fault the experience from start to finish. Whether you’re in the market for some sunkissed highlights a la Jennifer Aniston or a new spring do for the warmer weather, the stylists at Sassoon Salon are sure to transform your tresses from dull to datum. At £59 for a creative cutter, this spot might not be your best bet right before payday but, as they say, you get what you pay for and that’s certainly true of Sassoon Salon. P.S if you quote “ILoveManchester” when booking you’ll get 20% off.

Nicky Oliver: the best of the rest

This is a 5 storey operation in the Northern Quarter. Clients here say that the stylists actually listen – yes, listen – to what you want. It’ll set you back £43 for a cut and blow dry and that goes up to £125 if you want your hair styled by Nicky himself. Budget friendly it isn’t, swanky it is. Pick from a range of styles from cute to classy and everything in between. They can do balayage or pastel punk, so whether you want to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model or a My Little Pony, Nicky Oliver have got you covered.

Trevor Sorbie: a bit on the side

This classy establishment does everything from architectural style to everyday cuts with prices starting at £52. They’re the global ambassadors for KeraStraight, a revolutionary hair smoothing system, so if you fancy walking out looking like a Brazilian blowout model, this is your best shot – but you’ll have to work on the body yourself. Sorry. Trevor Sorbie has had a career spanning 50 years and his numero uno priority was always ensuring his clients feel cared for and leave the salon feeling satisfied. He’s also the first hairdresser to receive an MBE from the Queen. That’s a pretty big deal. For a little taste of what you fancy you’ll be watered with proper coffee and proper prosecco from their in-house bar.

Supercuts: cheap and cheerful

A tenner for a haircut? Bet you never thought you’d get that, ladies. The longer your hair the more they charge but unless you’re rocking some Rapunzel length locks you’re looking at around £14.95 and £9.95 for short hair. Bargain much? There’s also 20% off for students so you’re looking at a fresh new ‘do for the price of a brew and a biscuit. Can’t say fairer than that.

Barber Barber: one for the lads

We couldn’t leave out the gents could we? Scoundrels and gentlemen that is. Want to get your beard trimmed into something a little less deranged hipster and a little more David Beckham? Don’t worry. These guys have you covered. If you’re going for that ‘just rocked out of bed with hair as slick as Tom Hardy’ look I’m sure they could work their magic there too. This shockingly handsome bunch of barbers pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of men’s haircutting and bespoke shaving. They have styles galore ranging from The Cybercrop to The Street Arab (ask for The Libertine though, I dare you) and everything in between. If you’re wanting to pick a barbershop and stick to it for the rest of your life, this would be the place. You’re looking at around £32 for a lil rascal cut and £35 for the best beard sculpting of your life.

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