A survey of almost 400,000 British residents has highlighted significant differences in personalities between regions.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge used the data to analyse a sample of just under 400,000 people from England, Wales or Scotland. It’s been widely reported that, according to the survey’s findings, people who live in Manchester are more open, extrovert, and neurotic than average but less conscientious and agreeable.

But if you look at the data from each of the boroughs that make up Greater Manchester, there are some interesting variations across the area.

The most extrovert people in Greater Manchester are from Salford whilst the least extrovert are from Oldham and Bury.

The most agreeable are from Trafford and the least agreeable from Bolton and Manchester.

Salford people are the most conscientious whilst Manchester people are by far the least conscientious. However, Manchester people are easily the most open whilst Wigan are the least open.

And Mancunians are more extrovert, less neurotic and more open than people from Liverpool. However, according to the survey results, people from Manchester are significantly less conscientious than Scousers. But please don’t tell anyone.

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