The future of brunch is here, and we’re calling it brinner


In his 1875 essay entitled Brunch: A Plea, English writer Guy Beringer formulated a crucial thesis. He observed the necessity for British culture to find a middle ground between the sweet and light introductory meal of breakfast, and lunch.

It should come as no surprise that this tradition we all now know so intimately was created to save Beringer and other hedonists from suffering through breakfast with a hangover.

By changing the menu to include brekkie sweet treats and hearty meaty morsels, Beringer created brunch as we know it today.

Now, champion eateries are trying to improve this in-vogue meal. Since we Brits see brunch as an everyday essential these days, we’re becoming increasingly hard to impress due to the sheer volume of offers out there.

But the ever-ambitious Sweet Diner in Denton has done just that.

Far from just offering sweet treats, as the name might suggest, Sweet Diner offers a variety of dishes to satisfy all cravings – and it’s an establishment that takes food to the max.

Whether it’s their heaped pancake stacks or their chicken tikka omelette, Sweet Diner knows how to serve up indulgence.

They’ve recently started opening from midday until 11pm, and the breakfast and brunch menu runs all day long. Meaning that you can enjoy brunch the way Guy Beringer intended at this Denton hidden gem: whenever the mood strikes.

Once there, however, it’s not just the brunch that gets your eyes widening. Sweet D offers up a whole host of heart-stopping delights.

Baskets of hot golden fries accompany whopping juicy steaks. An array of burgers with a multitude of towering toppings catches your eye as they glide past, leaving an intoxicating aroma in the air.

Not to mention their house cake shakes, which involve two of our favourite things, cake and ice cream, thoughtfully woven together and conveniently liquidized.

Sweet Diner not only implores you to indulge but also reiterates the importance of that “treat yo self” mantra.

Their all day breakfast/brunch tells a story over a hundred years old about the importance of R&R, and the undeniable merit of late night hash browns.



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