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Where to get the best halal food in Manchester

We've put together a handy list of some of the best places to get halal food in Manchester

Looking for the best halal restaurants in Manchester?

Look no further.

Manchester is really coming up in the world with its incredible restaurant scene, with some of the best restaurants in the UK, and seemingly more opening each day.

The city offers an array of exceptional halal dining options that cater to every taste and occasion.

Maybe you want to try a wide selection of halal food? Then why not check out the amazing Halal Food Festival which is coming to Trafford Centre later this summer. It promises to be a belter.

Maybe you’re just looking for some great Instagrammable places to eat? We’ve got you.

Whether you’re a local food enthusiast or visiting this awesome city, exploring Manchester’s best halal food promises a journey of delightful flavour and memorable experiences.

So if you’re craving succulent meats, aromatic spices, or innovative vegetarian dishes, Manchester’s halal dining scene has something to offer everyone.

The best halal restaurants in Manchester

Delhi House Cafe

Delhi House Cafe in the Corn Exchange Manchester

Nestled in the beautiful Corn Exchange, Deli House Cafe offers a delicious and authentic dining experience. Celebrating the rich flavours of Indian street food, this halal-certified restaurant combines traditional recipes with modern twists, presenting a diverse menu that caters to all taste buds.

From the crunchy and colourful purple sweet potato chaat to the succulent and spicy tandoori lamb chops, each dish is crafted with fresh ingredients and a dedication to excellence.

Whether you’re a fan of hearty curries, tantalising tikkas, or delightful chaats, Deli House Cafe is a must-visit for anyone seeking a genuine taste of India in Manchester.

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Corn Exchange, Unit 10 Exchange Sq, Manchester M4 3TR

The Lowry Hotel

Looking for something very fancy? Well you’re in luck. All of The Lowry Hotel’s meat products (bar pork) are halal.

And even more luckily, they have just revamped their delicious menu, going all out French. The new spring A La Carte menu will offer a huge range of delicious dishes, including a new five-course tasting menu centred around the intricacies of French dining.

Trust us, it is amazing. Just be careful of dishes cooked in alcohol. The helpful staff at the hotel will advise.

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50 Dearmans Pl, Salford M3 5LH

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

best halal food in Manchester

Zouk, a name that loosely translates to “the best of style and the best of taste,” lives up to its reputation.

This Manchester gem offers a culinary experience that blends the rich flavours of South Asian cuisine with some modern flair. It’s been going strong for 15 years under the stewardship of Tayub Amjad. Once you’ve tried it – you’ll see why.

The halal-certified menu boasts a variety of expertly crafted dishes, each designed to tantalise even the most discerning of taste buds.

Whether you’re savouring the rich and creamy utter Chicken, enjoying the fiery kick of Laal Maas, or indulging in the succulent Tandoori King Prawns, Zouk promises a memorable dining experience that combines the best of style and taste.

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5, The Quadrangle, Chester St, Manchester M1 5QS


Habbibi is an exciting addition to Manchester that seamlessly blends Middle Eastern allure with a touch of Dubai-inspired opulence. This shisha bar and restaurant has quickly become a city favourite destination, enticing guests with an array of shishas, tasty Mediterranean cuisine, tempting desserts, and a selection of Middle Eastern-inspired cocktails and mocktails.

Highlights include the smoky and flavourful smoked aubergine dip and the tender and succulent lamb tajine, slow-cooked with traditional Moroccan spices.

Small plates such as the delicate King Scallops, served with espuma cauliflower on a kataifi pastry, and the savoury lamb spring rolls with mint yoghurt sauce and harissa emulsion, offer a delightful start to any meal. For larger appetites, the menu boasts options like the 9oz wagyu fillet, grain-fed for a minimum of 400 days to enhance its flavour, and the baharat spice roasted octopus, perfectly complemented by a butternut squash-harissa puree and chickpea salsa.

Vegetarian and pescatarian options are also plentiful with dishes like the pan-fried tofu in a massaman coconut sauce and the cod loin with crushed purple potato and saffron sauce.

Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening with friends or celebrating a special occasion, Habbibi promises a sophisticated, feel-good experience that celebrates the universal language of food and drink.

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XYZ Building, 2 Hardman BLVD, Manchester, M3 3AQ

Mughli Charcoal Pit

If you’re browsing online for an amazing curry in Manchester, Mughli is bound to pop up a lot on your internet travels. Still going strong after 33 years on the Curry Mile, if you go – you’ll soon see why. The delicious dining experience centres around the sights, smells, and sounds emanating from its open charcoal pit and tandoor. If you’re after Indian soul food, drawing inspiration from the roadside cafes and family kitchens of Mughal India, this is the place.

Run by Sax and his brothers Haz, Shaz, and Wass, Mughli is a family affair, lovingly taken over from their father, affectionately known as Uncle Peter. The brothers have preserved and enhanced the culinary traditions passed down by their father.

The menu at Mughli is a delightful blend of popular classics and innovative dishes. Favourites like the saag aloo and chicken tikka masala need no introduction, their flavours as comforting as they are timeless.

Yet, it’s the restaurant’s unique offerings that truly set it apart. The bhaji romaal korma, for instance, features spiced onion fritters smothered in a garlic, coconut, and almond kari, a dish proudly described as “unapologetically unauthentic.”

Another standout is the staff Kari, a hearty lamb and potato shorba. The meat, slow-cooked to perfection in its own marrow juices, is served with fresh ginger, coriander, and an abundance of flavour. And the butter chicken, a firm favourite, is grilled before being cooked again to achieve its tender, fall-apart texture.

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30 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5TQ

Etci Mehmet

best halal food in Manchester

Etci Mehmet Steakhouse offers an exciting and entertaining premium dining experience like no other in the UK. Specialising in Turkish-inspired meats and dishes, Etci Mehmet combines exceptional cuisine with unique, lively entertainment.

The restaurant prides itself on sourcing only the finest prime cuts of meat, ensuring top quality in every dish. The curated menu caters to all, from perfectly grilled steaks and nine-hour slow-cooked meats to vegetarian and pescatarian options. Steak lovers will particularly enjoy the dry-aged beef, but there’s something for everyone at Etci Mehmet.

Open seven days a week, Etci Mehmet impresses guests with fire shows, live cooking, and unforgettable dining experiences for the whole family.

Whether you’re planning a grand event or just a delightful meal, Etci Mehmet Steakhouse promises a family-friendly, feel-good experience

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Chester Street Unit 4,The Quadrangle, Manchester M1 5QS England


best halal food in Manchester

Dishoom Manchester brings divine tastes of Bombay’s Irani cafés to life with a menu that promises to transport diners to the bustling streets and aromatic kitchens of Mumbai. At the heart of their offerings is the Chef’s Manchester Special, the nalli nihari Biryani, a celebratory dish featuring tender lamb shank layered with rice and caramelised onions, enriched with kaleji raita and nihari gravy.

The small plates at Dishoom are a celebration of diverse flavours and textures. The khichia & chundo offers a fine, crispy snack with a spiced chutney made from dependable apple, while the lamb samosas and vegetable samosas present a delightful contrast between Gujarati filo and crunchy Punjabi-style shortcrust pastry. The okra fries and chilli cheese toast evoke nostalgia for Bombayites, offering a perfect blend of tradition and taste.

Dishoom’s grills are a tribute to the famed Bademiya in Colaba, with dishes like the murgh malai, marinated overnight for tender perfection, and the Dishoom chicken tikka, a family recipe featuring a unique marinade of sweet vinegar, ginger, and turmeric. Vegetarians can relish the Paneer Tikka, marinated with pickling spices and gently charred, and the grilled malai mushrooms, rich with butter, lime, and masala.

The house black daal, a Dishoom signature, is cooked over 24 hours for deep, rich flavours. Biryani lovers can indulge in the chicken berry Britannia or the awadhi jackfruit biryani, both cooked to perfection and layered with aromatic rice. Every dish at Dishoom is crafted with passion and authenticity, promising a gastronomic adventure that celebrates India’s incredible cooking.

Whether it’s a quick snack or a lavish feast, Dishoom Manchester offers a dining experience that is both nostalgic and contemporary, perfect for any occasion.

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32 Bridge Street, M3 3BT


Renowned for its gorgeous seafood and sushi, Musu is perhaps a surprise entry on this list.

However, they offer halal chicken on their menu. If you are looking to order halal beef, please let Musu know via email at [email protected].

They will require at least 72 hrs notice prior to your booking.

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64 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BN


the best halal restaurants in Manchester

For a uniquely opulent experience, head on down to the gloriously decadent Tattu. All of their chicken dishes are halal, with lots of seafood and vegetarian options to tuck into. Just watch out for dishes that are cooked in alcohol.

Indulge in a diverse menu that showcases the pinnacle of Chinese culinary craftsmanship, curated with meticulous attention to detail.

From the delicate dim sum shiitake money bag infused with ginger and sesame to the luxurious scallop and prawn shumai adorned with wasabi tobiko and Vietnamese cracker, each dish is a symphony of flavours and textures.

For those seeking a seafood delight, the salt & pepper monkfish and Shanghai black cod deliver an exquisite fusion of sweet vinegar, soy, and lime, while the green pepper lobster with jalapeños and crispy shallots offers a luxurious treat.

Vegetarian options abound, including the aromatic king oyster Chinese curry with crispy leeks and pak choi, and the vibrant kung po tofu featuring pineapple, green beans, and lotus, ensuring that every palate finds satisfaction.

Complete your culinary journey with Tattu’s decadent desserts, such as the cherry blossom with cherry, chocolate, and candy floss, or the Asian pear sticky toffee pudding infused with cinnamon, vanilla, and almond. Definitely one of the best halal restaurants in Manchester – and very good for a special occasion.

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3 Hardman Square, Gartside St, Manchester M3 3EB


the best halal restaurants in Manchester

Another great entry from Rusholme’s Curry Mile, Ziya Asian Grill showcases smart and contemporary Indian dining. This authentic Indian and street food restaurant introduces a fusion of flavours and exquisite presentation.

Ziya Asian Grill offers a large menu that is both innovative, with those time tested traditional classics that you won’t be disappointed in.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a memorable evening out, Ziya Asian Grill beckons with an array of gastronomic delights from across Asia.

Indulge in their carefully crafted mocktails, meticulously designed to complement their flavoursome dishes and enhance your dining experience.

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65-67 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5TB

Slim Chickens

the best halal restaurants in Manchester

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, Slim Chickens serve chicken from a supplier certified as Halal by HFA. Founded on the simple premise of serving fresh, handmade food in a fast-casual environment, Slim Chickens embarked on its journey to redefine the fast kentucky fried chicken dining experience.

What began as a craving for quality meals led to the creation of the first Slim Chickens restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas, back in 2003.

From humble beginnings in a garage to a beloved institution, Slim Chickens has since grown to delight thousands of customers across the globe – including two restaurants in our very own Manchester.

Whether you’re sinking your teeth into their signature hand-breaded British chicken tenders, savouring the spice of their Buffalo wings, or dipping into their handmade sauces, each dish is crafted with a passion for flavour.

Unit R8 Arndale Shopping Centre Manchester M4 3AQ/The Great Hall, Intu Trafford Centre


the best halal restaurants in Manchester

With 48 hours notice, you can indulge in a Halal meat feast at Fazenda. Fazenda offer a delicious Brazilian churrasco experience, where quality and flavour go hand in hand.

At Fazenda, the menu is a celebration of premium cuts and authentic Brazilian flavours, meticulously prepared and served to perfection.

From the tender picanha and mint-marinated cordeiro to the spicy frango picante and wagyu beef sausage chorizo de wagyu, every dish promises a symphony of taste.

Whether you’re indulging in their Halal Lunchtime Selection (£34.90) or opting for the comprehensive Evening Selection (£52.90), which includes favourites like beef tenderloin filé-mignon and succulent sirloin contra-filé, make sure you’ve got a ravenous empty tummy before you head down. It’s a trouser button-buster.

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The Avenue, Manchester M3 3AP

Don Tacos

Don Tacos Halal Manchester

Another one for Curry Mile, Don Tacos stands out as a great destination for halal Mexican cuisine.

With a menu inspired by the flavours of Mexico, this restaurant has earned a reputation for its birria-style tacos, halal chicken fajitas, quesadillas, and generously portioned nachos.

At Don Tacos, dining is a communal affair best enjoyed with friends or family. Whether you’re savouring the rich, slow-cooked meats of birria tacos or diving into flavourful quesadillas, each dish is crafted with care to bring out the essence of Mexican street food.

If you’re craving Mexican food, there’s no better place to do it. Don Tacos has a great warm and inviting atmosphere and provides a top taste of Mexico.

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61-63 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5TB

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