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These Manchester entrepreneurs have created game-changing tattoo healing skincare – inspired by nature and backed by science


Tatfresh Skincare founders Danny Birch and Ste Bacon have 15 years experience in the tattoo industry between them. 

And with one in three people in the UK now proudly tattooed, these local lads decided it was time to educate tattoo collectors on how to successfully heal and maintain their new ink.

Frustrated with the lack of credible and suitable aftercare products available on the market, they decided now was the time to change the game and create their own.

“People do not often realise a new tattoo is actually a temporary wound,” they explain.  

“It has to be taken care of with extra care and attention if they are to avoid a nasty infection or fall victim to poor healing and potential scarring. 

“Also, once you get a new tattoo, it doesn’t just stop there, you have to keep them moisturised and nourished to ensure the skin remains in good condition, which will help to avoid fading and dullness over time and keep them looking fresh forever.”

Working with local industry experts and wound care professionals, the pair have created the first ever industry standard tattoo healing product for the public – and it has been made right here in Manchester.

Chemical free and completely vegan, it’s produced using 100% plant based ingredients and has been formulated with the advice of top wound care specialists at the University of Salford and a Cheadle based government advisor for skin conditions.

Whilst developing the formula, they learnt that when it comes to skincare products, what you leave out is just as important as what you put in – and that some ingredients present in products previously recommended by the NHS, such as Bepanthen, can actually hinder the tattoo healing process.

Previous remedies have borrowed from other areas like nappy rash or burns, with many people recommending barrier creams that inhibit healing by not allowing skin room to breathe, locking in harmful bacteria.

Conversely, Tatfresh Skincare is purposefully free from all allergens, parabens and alcohol and only uses all natural plant based ingredients direct from nature, which do not irritate the skin or cause any harmful side effects.

Made from shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, vitamin E oil, tea tree oil and ylang ylang, each element works together to provide a complete antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal solution that speeds up the healing process on new ink.

It also can be used to bring out the colour and boldness in existing tattoos, helping them to look new again.


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Unlike many other creams on the market it’s also not water based, meaning it can moisturise right down to the bottom layer of skin for prolonged periods. Water-based creams, they tell us, often give you just limited time of moisture before up to 80% of the product evaporates.

What’s more, the cream has been designed to be used throughout the whole process of getting and wearing a tattoo.

It can first be used to prepare your skin before your appointment to give your tattoo artist the best possible canvas to work on. Ensuring it’s moisturised, clean and replenished with the right nutrients will only help it look better in the long run as bacteria breeds on dry skin.

It’s also been designed to speed up the healing process by reducing inflammation, pain and potential infection. The products replace moisture and nutrients that are naturally lost through tattooing, such as vitamin E, A and D.

Finally, once you’ve healed, you can continue to use it to help maintain the look of your tattoo for as long as you keep it in your skincare routine. 

In a nutshell: it’s beneficial to anyone sporting a tattoo, be it fresh or years old. 

These Manchester lads are setting a new standard for skincare – one that’s inspired by nature and backed by science. 

Find out more about Tatfresh on their website and pick up a free guide created by the pair on how to heal your tattoos step-by-step. There’s also a special 10% discount available to I Love MCR readers – just quote  ILVMCR at the checkout. 

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