Mancunian foodie Cat Hoang has her sights on joining the Manchester food scene with her fusion taco brand, No Tacos. Cat has drawn inspiration from her Vietnamese heritage and a passion for food and travelling to create her taco menu, with the idea to serve it in an authentic street food style.

‘simple and honest food
that is both convenient
but high quality…’

To get the brand on its feet – or on its wheels, to be more accurate- Cat will be hosting free taster events and has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter is the global crowd-funding platform which helps bring creative projects to life. Projects appeal for backers and are offered rewards in exchange for their pledges. It works on the basis of all or nothing – a project must reach its funding goal by a set deadline otherwise it’s unsuccessful.

Cat has thought long and hard about how to reward her backers.
A cookery master class, your name immortalised on the taco van’s wall of pledgers and full catering for a private event are just a few of Cat’s offers.

With so many projects seeking funding via Kickstarter, what sets No Tacos apart?

“I feel there is a real need for simple and honest food that is both convenient but high quality,” says Cat. “Street food is a way to do that and its very popular at the moment, but in Manchester the options for street food are very limited or you can only find it in restaurants or at special events.

Tacos for the streets of Manchester by new Kickstarter brand I Love Manchester

“I believe I can offer something authentic on every level. I want to give the people of Manchester the best delicious food that has a fusion of flavours that is filling and fast for a good price.”

Cat’s menu is moreish just to read, let alone taste. Some of the flavours to expect are Going Cold Jerky, a Jamaican Jerk chicken pan fried for a smoky remix. Sweet Char Sui O’Mine, Chinese Char Sui pork for a delicate sweet and savoury treat and Drunken Fish Filled Stomach, English beer battered fish tacos.

These are just some of the dishes Cat will be serving up at her free taster day on Friday 22nd May at Sandinista. So why not say hello, try some free taco and ask any questions you may have about the project.

Free taco tasting – 7:30pm – 9pm Friday 22nd May at Sandinista


To make a pledge to Cat’s project please go to

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