This afternoon saw the arrival of the Stand Up For Fit event, hosted by Triumph at Manchester’s House of Fraser.

Greeted by champagne, strawberries and the hugely talented designer Nadine Merabi, the afternoon was set to be a success.

“A staggering 76% of women are wearing the wrong-size bra”

Beginning with a bedroom, an idea and youtube, Nadine created Ono Uno which is her answer to affordable red carpet wear for the ladies. A witty summary of her interesting career path taught us that Nadine quit her job to devote her time to creating women’s evening wear with a difference.

After dressing countless celebs and Ono Uno being stocked in our very own Selfridges, Nadine has become extremely successful and an inspiration to anyone wanting to enter the fashion world (although she warns not to quit your job).

Stand Up For Fit - are you wearing the correct bra size? I Love Manchester

Nadine gave us the low-down on Triumph’s exquisite collection and their new 3D wire, whilst sharing why it is vital to have the perfect-fitting bra:

“I’m always asked what underwear people should wear with a certain dress and I think if you’ve spent a lot on clothes you want to make them look good, and underwear compliments the clothes.”

She added: “Bad fitting bras can lead to medical implications and bad posture!”

Nobody wants that.

Triumph prides itself in it’s quality, craftsmanship and fit, which is why they are promoting the ‘Stand Up For Fit’ in a mission to fit over 10,000 women in the UK with their correct bra size. With their Spotlight, Beautiful, Amourette and Shape Sensation ranges, Triumph offers suitable sizes for all shapes along with luxurious designs.

A staggering 76% of women are wearing the wrong-size bra (shocking, we know) and it all seems to be because they have a preconceived idea about the whole ‘fitting’ experience.

There is no groping or awkwardness. In fact, it’s quite a pleasant situation involving a ton of underwear, a measuring tape and the occasional glass of fizz; so go and get fitted.



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