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The battle for Manchester’s tallest building continues with new 76-storey entry

Manchester's skyline is set for a dramatic makeover as Salboy unveils plans for Viadux Phase Two, a 76-storey skyscraper aiming to surpass the city's current record holder and reshape its iconic cityscape.

The race to dominate Manchester’s iconic skyline has reached new heights as Salboy reveals ambitious plans for a 76-storey skyscraper in the city centre.

The proposed tower, known as Viadux Phase Two (Viadux 2a), promises to surpass the current record holder, the 200-metre-tall Deansgate South Tower, and its contender, Renaker’s Plot D project.

You can find out more about Renaker’s Plot D project by clicking here.

Viadux Phase Two vs. Plot D: A Battle for Supremacy

Salboy, the developer behind Viadux 2a, strategically positions its creation next to the reigning champion, Beetham Tower.

Although the exact height remains undisclosed, Viadux 2a is slated to outshine Plot D by five storeys, potentially making it Manchester’s tallest building.

Renaker’s Plot D, a 71-storey marvel standing at 213 meters, is Viadux 2a’s formidable rival.

A Vision for the Future Skyline

Viadux 2a, officially part of the Viadux phase two project, aims to redefine Manchester’s skyline.

The development will feature approximately 780 high-quality new homes within the larger tower, while a neighbouring 23-storey tower, Viadux Phase 2b, will contribute around 130 affordable homes to address the city’s housing needs.

Inspiration from Beetham Tower

Salboy draws inspiration from its adjacent creation, Viadux 1, a 40-storey, 362-home apartment block next to Beetham Tower.

The Viadux 2a’s design principles echo those of Viadux 1 but promise heightened ambition.

The developers envision the new tower as the focal point of a cluster of tall buildings, making a striking addition to Manchester’s evolving skyline.

Shifting Priorities: From Office Blocks to Affordable Homes

Originally intended as office blocks, both Viadux Phase One and Phase Two sites have pivoted to address the city’s pressing need for housing.

Viadux 2a will replace the planned office space with a distinctive diamond-shaped building, offering new affordable homes in the heart of the city centre.

The development also includes the addition of new shops or cafes opening onto the viaduct.

Future Developments and Competition Across the Irwell

While Salboy anticipates commencing work on Viadux 2a in 2024, pending planning permission, competition looms from across the Irwell.

Reports suggest a potential challenger, featuring a towering 241.5-meter structure.

This prospective development could surpass both Plot D and Viadux 2a, adding another layer to Manchester’s ever-growing skyline.

In the race to build the tallest building, Manchester’s developers are shaping the city’s future, with each new skyscraper aiming to leave an indelible mark on the iconic skyline.

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