Hokey Pokey

Pokémon Go may be all the rage at the moment, but if you’ve got a soft spot for old school favourites like the Sega Megadrive, PlayStation 1, Pac Man, Space Invaders and 80s classics like After Burner and Outrun, you’re in luck.  Because you’ll be able to play your way through the history of video games when Ready Player One comes to Chapel Street.

It’s an interactive exhibition where you can choose from over 50 old school video games and some of the rarest editions and quirkiest retro consoles out there including Sega, Nintendo and Atari, as well as a 1950s-inspired pinball machine. Where else can you find all this under one roof?

This is going to be a unique retro experience.  Players will be put through their paces to prove themselves on the Ready Player One scoreboard. So who will come out on top – the older generation or the younger generation? It’s all to play for.

And unlike most exhibitions where you are simply expected to stand back and watch, there’s unlimited game play once you’re inside. Just pay upfront depending on the length of the session – typically 3 hours, but it can even be all day if you’re up for it.

This is a great way to keep yourself entertained throughout the summer and makes a refreshing change from going to the pictures or bowling.

Ready Player One is brought to you by Future Artists the award-winning film, arts and events social enterprise, and runs from Saturday July 30th till Sunday Sept 11th 2016.

Incidentally, they also run the not-for-profit Home of Honest Coffee next door to the gallery. So if you need some caffeine to get your gaming head on, you are in the right place.

Are you ready to play? The launch party is on Saturday 30 July. If you book online, you can grab a discount of a £5 ticket for a 3-hour session. All day passes will also be available. For more information futureartists.co.uk  Game on!

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