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Peter Hook talks Ian Curtis, mental health and Joy Division ahead of charity gig at Star & Garter

Peter Hook & The Light headline a unique mental health fundraiser at Manchester's iconic Star & Garter, blending the magic of music with the power of advocacy.

In a unique blend of music and mental well-being awareness, Headstock Mental Health Festival proudly announces that Peter Hook & The Light will grace the stage for a special fundraising event at Manchester’s beloved Star & Garter.

Set against the backdrop of Manchester’s cherished Star & Garter, adorned with a beautiful mural by Akse paying tribute to Joy Division‘s iconic frontman, Ian Curtis, this exclusive event promises an intimate exploration of music and conversation on the night of April 12, 2024.

Ahead of the gig we sat down with Peter Hook to discuss mental health, Joy Division and Ian Curtis.

Akse’s Peter Hook Mural

Expressing his pride in commemorating Joy Division and Ian Curtis, Peter Hook said, “I am immensely proud of Ian and our work as Joy Division, and to celebrate it in this way is such a pleasure.

“To play at such an iconic venue as the Star and Garter just seals the deal perfectly.

“We’re doing the gig to celebrate Akse’s incredible mural of Ian, trying to keep his memory alive.

“I think the picture captures his emotion and passion perfectly.

“Whenever I see the one in his hometown of Macclesfield and look down the high street and see his him my heart leaps. I just love that he’s remembered, even now for his work.

“The cause of mental health, too, is one so close to our heart. Gigs like this are such a pleasure to do, because they are for a great cause, Headstock and SHOUT and you know that maybe someone, somewhere, is being helped by these amazing charities.

“It’s a cause that affects everyone. I lost someone last week to suicide, who was suffering very badly. We all tried so hard to help and get him everything we thought he needed, but you can never get inside someone’s head.

“I think it’s going to be an emotional experience. It’s always emotional playing those Joy Division tracks. We were, to be honest, a band at the bottom of the ladder, just finding our feet and then dealing with how it finished as it did, it felt so final.

“I’d only been a musician for about four years at that point – and not a very successful one at that. It was a huge shock and it felt as things were over before they had started.”

But he was so wrong, as New Order burst onto the music scene and became an instant success.

Starting Peter Hook and the Light

“When I started Peter Hook and the light. I expected a crowd of people like me – fat and bald old men!

“But it didn’t seem to be like that at all – people from all demographics are coming to the shows – the music appeals to a lot of different ages and back grounds and that’s amazing

“It’s great being in good company with a bunch of ‘fat old blokes.’

“What’s interesting is how these fans have passed on the legacy and myth of Ian Curtis to their children, similar to figures like Kurt Cobain.

“The allure of the ‘live fast, die young’ sentiment remains, but Joy Division’s music is the standout.

“Joy Division was unique, with each member contributing something distinct.

“The dynamic balance made the group powerful. Despite personal feelings towards some members, the achievement of inspiring Ian’s creations is a source of pride.

“I may not be proud of New Order’s trajectory, but having that ‘rough diamond’ in Joy Division is special. And it’s great to be able to celebrate that.”

The Legacy of Joy Division

“There was a wonderful purity to the music, in a way.

“The production from Martin Hannett and coming from an Independent Label, coming out of punk. I think that’s what gave it the longevity, and of course Ian’s incredible words.

“Two LPs, two wonderful LPs, and if you look, we had three songs ready for the next LP, which was in a lonely place, Ceremony and ICB. Which New Order recorded on Movement. We were looking to make a great third record.

“So I do get touched, and I do feel honoured every time I play our songs.

“I think really, I got sick of not playing the music, or celebrating anything about the band – so now, I want to seize every chance possible to play that amazing music.”

Peter Hook at the Star & Garter

Titled “Peter Hook & The Light: An Evening of Music & Conversation,” the intimate event on April 12, 2024, promises an exclusive Q&A session with the legendary Joy Division & New Order bassist, Peter Hook.

The night will culminate with a Joy Division set performed by Peter Hook and his band, limited to an audience of just 200 fortunate fans.

● The intimate event will include a Q&A with musician Peter Hook, plus a Joy Division set with his band Peter Hook and The Light
● The Star & Garter is home to the stunning mural of Joy Division singer, Ian Curtis
● Tickets to the exclusive event will be allocated via a ticket ballot on ticketing site, Skiddle.
● Proceeds from ticket sales will support mental health text-support charity, Shout.

An Exclusive Q&A Session

Talking about the upcoming gig at the Star & Garter, he said: “This time we’re doing something a bit different – a unique Q&A event with special guests – Ian Curtis’ best friend Kelvin Briggs and Joy Division’s first roadie, Carl Bellingham.

“It’s a chance to share perspectives on Ian’s life and Joy Division. The event, ‘Peter Hook & The Light: An Evening of Music & Conversation,’ is not only a celebration but also a fundraiser for mental health charity Shout.

“The intimate gig at Manchester’s Star & Garter on April 12, 2024, will be memorable. We’ve chosen Shout as the beneficiary to support their vital text-support service. Having experienced recent personal loss to suicide, I believe in the importance of helping in any way possible.

“The Q&A promises a unique insight into Joy Division, and the gig will be extra special. While The Light can play all 54 Joy Division songs, we’re planning something unique for the night. I’ve always admired the Star and Garter for their independence and resilience, and it’s a pleasure to contribute to their cause.

“The Q&A should be interesting, especially with Kelvin, Ian’s lifelong friend, sharing insights into Ian’s early life. It may not be the most pleasant topic, but it’s meaningful to hear him talk about Ian as a kid. I’m confident people will enjoy it.”

“It’s a cause that affects everyone…”

The event is part of the Headstock Mental Health Festival, who are hoping to raise a load of charity cash for SHOUT, an amazing mental health charity that help people in Manchester.

Peter Hook continued: “Reflecting on my journey from 1980 to today, I thought I understood mental health, especially when a friend was suffering. However, it became clear there’s always more to learn. The legacy of Joy Division’s music i think is helping people and even providing a bit of hope for many facing mental health challenges.

“Writing and performing the music is a unique experience. Recently, I was watching n a TV series featuring ’24 Hours’ in its soundtrack, it really made the scene and is mad to think people are still so in to it after all this time.

“Joy Division owes its success to visionaries like Tony Wilson and Martin Hannett.

“As Peter Hook & The Light, we celebrate the essence of the records, recognising the distinction between live performances and studio recordings. While I can’t replicate Joy Division, I take pride in celebrating Ian’s enduring gift to history.

“Our recent European tour revealed the continued emotional resonance of Joy Division’s music.

“The impact it has on people still surprises and humbles me. It’s an honour to keep Ian’s memory alive, even if I can’t reunite with the original lineup.”

How to Get a Ticket

To attend this exclusive event, music enthusiasts can secure their spots through a ticket ballot hosted on Skiddle

The ballot, opening on December 4th, will offer fans a chance to win two tickets for the event, with pricing options ranging from £10 for a single ballot entry to £20 for ten entries.

All proceeds from ticket sales will contribute to Shout, a mental health text-support charity.

Supporting Mental Health Charities in Manchester

The funds raised during this special Headstock event will support Shout, a vital mental health text-support service offering free, confidential, 24/7 assistance to those in need.

This initiative aims to commemorate the late Ian Curtis, the iconic Joy Division singer who tragically lost his life to suicide in May 1980.

Peter Hook on Ian Curtis

Expressing his pride in commemorating Joy Division and Ian Curtis, Peter Hook stated, “I am immensely proud of Ian and our work as Joy Division, and to celebrate it in this way is such a pleasure.

“To play at such an iconic venue as the Star and Garter just seals the deal perfectly.”

Headstock Founder, Atheer Al-Salim said: “We are so grateful to Peter Hook and his band who are giving up their time and talent to help us raise much needed funds to support our charity partner, Shout, and their life-saving text-support service.

“The evening promises to be a poignant moment for Manchester, and an event of huge musical and cultural significance for the city.”

This year (2023) Joy Division received an inaugural nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside iconic, globally renowned artists and bands such as: Kate Bush, Iron Maiden, George Michael and Rage Against The Machine.

Given the intimate capacity of the venue (200), tickets for this special event will be allocated through a ballot system on Skiddle, ensuring fairness in distribution.

The ballot will remain open until February 2, 2024.

Prominent figures in the industry, such as WORD MAGAZINE, have praised Peter Hook & The Light’s performances, emphasising their emotive and impressive renditions.

The event is expected to be a poignant moment for Manchester, holding both musical and cultural significance.

About Headstock and Shout 85258

Headstock, a Manchester-based social enterprise, utilises music-led solutions to raise awareness and funds for mental health charities, seeking to change the conversation around mental health.

Shout 85258, the UK’s first 24/7 text messaging support service, provides confidential assistance to those struggling to cope, with funds raised contributing to potentially life-saving conversations.

Shout 85258 is a free, confidential, anonymous text support service. You can text them from wherever you are in the UK.

If you are struggling to cope and need to talk, our trained Shout Volunteers are there for you, day or night.

Peter Hook & The Light’s upcoming performance at the Star & Garter stands as a unique opportunity to witness musical greatness while contributing to a crucial cause, emphasising the power of music in promoting mental wellbeing.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exclusive event by participating in the ticket ballot on Skiddle starting December 4th.

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