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An authentic new Dutch pancake cafe opens in cute Greater Manchester square

Every Mancunian misses the Dutch Pancake House which closed over a decade ago - but this authentic new Papa Dutch “The Little Dutch Cafe” in Altrincham might just fill that void in our hearts…

Formerly traders at Alty Market, Papa Dutch have opened their first proper Dutch pancake cafe in Altrincham.

Beautifully arranged, with a great selection of delicious baked goods from Holland – it could be just what the doctor ordered.

So if you’re looking for a taste of delicious Dutch culture in Manchester, why not head down to Altrincham and give them a go?

This family-run business has already established a loyal following for its delicious poffertjes, or mini Dutch pancakes, which are cooked to fluffy perfection on a traditional copper stove.

The Papa Dutch team

The story of the cafe begins during the first lockdown when Joshua Jorritsma was furloughed from his job in a restaurant kitchen.

Together with his father Sjoerd, who is Dutch, he came up with the idea of starting a “Covid-proof” street food business selling poffertjes.

They built a mobile stall and began trading outside their house on Shrove Tuesday 2021.

The poffertjes were an instant hit, and soon Joshua secured a spot at Altrincham Market selling mini Dutch pancakes from a stall.

The family began trading there regularly, as well as at other events, festivals, and private hires.

The business was such a success that they decided to open a permanent location, which they named Papa Dutch “The Little Dutch Cafe”.

The cafe, which is located in the former Bottle Shop unit, is run by Joshua and his sister Naomi, who is the manager.

They offer a selection of Dutch treats, including not just poffertjes but also “Stroopwafels” (a wafer with warm caramel inside) and award-winning ice cream from Daresbury Dairy in Cheshire.

We caught up with the family, to talk about their plans.

Josh said: “During COVID, I was furloughed from my job in hospitality and noticed a gap in the market for a “COVID proof” food business that would survive the pandemic.

“Since my interest in food stems from my Dutch family, my papa and I decided to get in touch with our Dutch heritage and start brain-storming, which led to the creation of “Papa Dutch.”

Josh added it was the ‘buzzing atmosphere’ of Alty Market that drew them to the area, and they just knew they had found a place to call home.

He continued: “Since Altrincham Market has such a good reputation and is right on our doorstep, it made sense to work there.

“We also grew up always going to Alty markets and loved the buzzing atmosphere and how all the other traders were so welcoming and supportive of each other’s businesses.

“Then, when we heard the unit at Goose Green was available, we decided to take the leap of faith and start up our own cafe, which has been open now for a week and has been so busy!”

Josh added that the community response had been incredible, despite some initial nerves about opening up.

The family said they had been ‘completely overwhelmed’ by the support they had received.

They are now gearing up for a huge celebration on Kings Day (April 27th), that will see a fantastic showcase of Dutch bottle beers, gins, and liquors.

The name, Papa Dutch is an affection nickname that Naomi and Josh call their father, Sjored.

I asked them what it was like to run a family business.

Naomi hard at work!

Naomi said: “Since Josh is at university in Exeter, Im managing the cafe along with Franky, who is our head barista; he makes insane coffees!

“My papa works mainly behind the scenes, as by day he’s a physiotherapist, but he’s always ready to be hands-on when we have a super busy day.

“The whole family is really on board, making it a lovely environment to work in as we have all taken on responsibilities.

“My youngest brother has been handing out flyers for our opening date, and my other brother Joe has been working too in the cafe and used to work Sundays at Alty Market.

One of the standout features of this quaint cafe is the copper stove that allows them to make their famous poffertjes.

Naomi explains, “It’s a staple attribute of our brand as it allows us to be mobile due to the stove being powered by gas.”

The stove has a mesmerising effect on the customers, as they can watch the poffertjes being made right in front of them. It’s almost like watching a magician’s trick unfold.

In addition to the food, the Little Dutch Cafe also has an alcohol license and offers a range of imported Dutch specialty beers.

And while the family will be closing their Altrincham Market stall, they plan to make occasional returns to the market and will also be available for private hire.

If beer isn’t your thing, then the cafe’s collaboration with Daresbury Dairy for their ice cream will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Naomi shares, “We choose Daresbury Dairy for our ice cream because they are a family-run business too.

“We love the fact the ice cream is fresh and therefore doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals or additives; furthermore, it truly is award-winning!”

The ice cream is so popular that the cafe has now introduced milkshakes made with the same creamy goodness. It’s no surprise that the cafe has regular visitors who come just for the ice cream.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a warm plate of poffertjes or a cool ice cream treat, this Dutch cafe has got you covered!

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