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Don’t become a stat: get your blood pressure checked with Manchester brain haemorrhage charity

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust is set to host an event in Manchester on June 15th to invite people to get their blood pressure checked.

The event, ‘Check Your Blood Pressure,’ aims to raise awareness about the importance of monitoring blood pressure and stopping potentially preventable brain haemorrhages.

Located on Market Street, just outside Boots, the event promises to be an engaging and informative experience for attendees.

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust was established following the sudden and tragic death of Natalie Moss at the young age of 26 due to an unexpected brain haemorrhage.

Determined to transform this tragedy into a positive force for change, the Moss family and the trust are dedicated to preventing similar incidents and empowering individuals to understand the risk factors associated with lifestyle-related brain haemorrhages.

With an alarming statistic of only 2 out of 5 individuals surviving a brain haemorrhage at the one-month mark, resulting in 3 million deaths worldwide each year, the work undertaken by the Natalie Kate Moss Trust is nothing short of critical.

The trust supports groundbreaking research at Manchester University, focusing on developing improved treatment options that can potentially save lives after a brain haemorrhage.

At the heart of this campaign is the acknowledgement that not all brain haemorrhages are preventable, but better treatment and awareness are vital in minimising the impact.

A particular focus is placed on high blood pressure, identified as the leading cause of lifestyle-related brain haemorrhages by Stroke UK.

Shockingly, one-third of people are affected by high blood pressure, but half of them remain unaware of their condition.

This knowledge gap highlights the importance of early detection and management to prevent potentially preventable brain haemorrhages.

The ‘Check Your Blood Pressure’ campaign event seeks to encourage individuals to take control of their health and be proactive in monitoring their blood pressure levels.

By arming themselves with this knowledge, they can effectively manage their condition and reduce the risk of life-threatening brain haemorrhages.

The event, which will run from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM, promises not only informative activities but also a light touch of entertainment.

Manchester University Medical students will be present to offer blood pressure tests to passers-by, engaging them in conversations about blood pressure management and sharing valuable insights on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This interaction provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to receive expert advice and understand the significance of regular blood pressure checks.

Adding a vibrant and lively atmosphere to the event, Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, a renowned jazz band, will be performing throughout the day.

Their captivating melodies and energetic tunes will create a joyful ambience, ensuring that attendees feel engaged and entertained while supporting this important cause.

Belinda Scandal, a well-known presenter, will also be present, guiding attendees through the event with her charisma and warmth.

Belinda’s role will involve interacting with visitors, highlighting the significance of blood pressure monitoring, and fostering a positive and supportive environment.

By combining crucial health awareness with engaging entertainment, The Natalie Kate Moss Trust hopes to draw attention to the importance of managing blood pressure and preventing potentially preventable brain haemorrhages.

The campaign aims to test the blood pressure of 1,000 people in Manchester, ultimately empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and contribute to a future where such tragedies can be minimised.

To find out more about The Natalie Kate Moss Trust and its mission, please visit its website by clicking here.

You can also follow them on Instagram (@natalie_kate_moss_trust) and Facebook (@nataliekatemosstrust) for updates and further information.

The ‘Check Your Blood Pressure’ campaign event on Market Street, Manchester, invites everyone to participate actively in their health and contribute to preventing potentially preventable brain haemorrhages.

With the community’s support, research advancements, and increased awareness, The Natalie Kate Moss Trust aims to turn tragedy into hope, saving lives and building a healthier future for all.

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