Manchester’s status as the UK’s second city and a centre of sporting excellence has been enhanced by the announcement that a homecoming parade for Britain’s triumphant Olympic and Paralympic stars will take place in the city. A further celebration will also take place in London.

The government is working with the British Olympic Association, British Paralympic Association, Manchester City Council and The Mayor of London’s Office on the events which will take place in October, when our paralympians have returned from Rio.

They will build upon the thousands of I Am Team GB events taking place all over the country on Saturday, August 27, which will allow communities to come together and get involved in sport alongside some of our Olympic heroes.

To date, Team GB has secured 58 medals at the Games in Rio including 24 gold in what has been a highly successful campaign.

“The euphoria of London 2012 didn’t end four years ago, and it doesn’t end now,” the prime minister said. “We still have the Paralympic Games to look forward to. It will continue on the streets of Britain as we plan a parade in Manchester, alongside the British Olympic and Paralympic Associations. It will be a celebration fit for heroes – and rightly so, because that is exactly what they are.”

Team GB’s record medal haul will be celebrated on the streets of Manchester in October.

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