In the melee of the Northern Quarter’s graffitied bars and gritty clubs, you can always find a bit of class and refinement at Bakerie. It’s a place where you are guaranteed head space, a seat and, more often than not, a great glass of vino to unwind with.

Dining with the same people can get a little repetitive even for the most fervent foodie friends. Bakerie’s long table dining concept gives the ambience and atmosphere of a dinner party. The 40-foot communal table isn’t just an opportunity to meet new people. Whilst conversation and new friendships are encouraged, the lively, sociable setting makes it perfect for dining with friends, too.

Seating is on a first come first served basis. 32 diners get the chance to come along in groups of as many as they like – including solo diners.

For less than £14.50 you’ll be served a hearty fixed main course with a pair drink. On the night we visited, we were served exquisite lamb and veg, paired with a vibrant and bold red wine.

Long table dining at Bakerie fills that midweek gap I Love Manchester

It’s the kind of satisfying and filling main that fills the midweek gap by offering a succulent and affordable meal without compromising on quality. You can choose to indulge more if you wish but, for the most part, this decent sized main and generous glass of vino do the job.

For now, the menu is being created by Bakerie’s own in-house chefs but there’s talk of offering up the downstairs kitchen space to other chefs and pop-ups. In this respect, Bakerie’s basement offers one of the best settings in Manchester for a supper club. Its ambience and drinks selection, paired with a professional kitchen and humongous table, are a match made in heaven.

Communal eating and a sense of occasion are too seldom seen. A front of house team and restaurant on top form, combined with passionate eaters offers excitement and atmosphere like no other.

If the traditional table for two is becoming boring or you’re craving a midweek treat that won’t break the bank, Bakerie have created a genuine alternative without compromise. The next event on the 30th March features Cape Salmon Bunny Chow with SA Sangoma Chenin, promising flavours of South Africa with an Indian twist.

To book a seat visit

45 Lever Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M1 1FN

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