Origin Kicks is Manchester's premier destination for locating the rarest and most coveted sneakers produced.
Whether it’s a rare collaboration that only dropped internationally or a limited running sneaker that was exclusive to a small boutique, Origin Kicks aims to connect you with the items you want.


The story begins with freelance Interior designer Shima Azizy and her husband, a coffee shop owner for 12 years. As an interior designer, Shima always looked for new items and designs to get inspired. "In all of our trips, we couldn't help but to always find ourselves getting a candle holder or looking at a handmade pottery store. In the middle of the pandemic, as we were sitting at home most days, the internet was our only way to explore and look at new things. So we kept looking at interior design magazines and online shows about the interior. We kept envying all the people who had easy access to all these brands and that they could see it all in a shop rather than having to shop online and not get the whole experience.

After struggles with our work in the middle of the pandemic, we had a sudden idea to look for a shop, combine the interior design passion with my husband's experience, and open our store. It all seems so crazy and out of reach but only a dream, the only thing that kept us going through lockdown. We always said that if this was a dream of ours and only stayed as a dream as long as it's keeping us happy and making the future a little nicer for us then its all worth it.

We contacted all the brands we knew, and discovered even more brands along the way, some tiny family-owned businesses and some big factories in Denmark and Sweden. As we saw the dream getting closer, we walked the streets of Manchester to find a perfect store.

So now here we are in our perfect store, we are still dreaming how we want the store to look every day. Customers are happy and they love what we have managed to display from all around Europe and America, for them it means we have achieved what we liked to perform."

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  • 22 January 2022 02:09 local time


18 Market Street, Manchester, UK

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