Dedicated to empowering women to feel confident in their written words & get them out into the world
Many authors and creatives struggle to get their messages and stories across to mainstream editors due to cultural barriers and lack of diverse editors on their teams. With this in mind, here at Master House, our editor-in-chief with her in depth knowledge of cultural colloquialisms, loanwords and language, decided on setting up this service to try and help bridge the gap and offer support to emerging and underground authors.

Master House Publishing believes everybody should have access to good quality expert editing services at accessible rates, to make you feel confident in submitting written work. Whether you are a novice sending your first poem out to a magazine, a songwriter, or looking to send a full manuscript to agents, we offer affordable proofreading so you can access services, no matter your background. We also offer professional letter writing services so if you need a strong bold opening statement, you can be sure with us, your cover letter will hit all the key points and grab the attention of Agents, Publishers and Magazine Editors.


Master House is also open for submissions of full manuscripts, poetry submissions and prose during certain periods throughout the year. Sign up for submission opportunity alerts and be the first to know when our submission dates open.



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